Homeschooling at the Library

The library is an excellent place for homeschoolers to learn and to socialize. Homeschooled children can get away from the distractions of home, and make their day a lot more interesting. Here are some of the things your homeschoolers can do at the library.

Things homeschoolers can do at the library, #1: Story Time:

Many libraries have special story times during the day for young children. Kindergartens through first grade homeschoolers are free to join in on these educational activities.

Things homeschoolers can do at the library, #2: Educational Games:

The computers at public library in the children’s rooms are often loaded with awesome educational games that you children can play while learning.

Things homeschoolers can do at the library, #3: Read-a-thon:

This is a fun activity when you want your children to gain a love for books. Challenge your children to read as many books (or pages) as possible in one day. Reward the children based on how much they complete, or if you have a group of children, give a larger award to the person who reads the most.

Things homeschoolers can do at the library, #4: Scavenger hunt:

Having a scavenger hunt at the library will take some careful planning, but your children will learn a great deal. Write a series of questions that children would most likely be able to find the answer to library. Have them look up a recipe, and then find out the origin of the food. Have that answer lead to the next question, like a fact about the country where the food originated. Award the child who gets the most answers right. Give them an extra award for completing this exercise without talking (so they will not disturb other patrons). This is a great activity if you can get together several homeshoolers or homeschooling families.

Things homeschoolers can do at the library, #5: Meet with tutors:

The library is an excellent place to meet with homeschool tutors and to have brainstorm sessions with other homeschool students.

Things homeschoolers can do at the library, #6: Meet with other children or homeschoolers.

The library is a place where kids can meet, talk, and enjoy each other’s company in a safe supervised environment. Unlike in the mall, children cannot be loud and unruly. (Do not assume that libraries are safer than the mall however; make sure your children are always supervised).

The next time your homeschooler feels bored or wants time with their friends, pack them in the car and head to the library. A homeschooler will always feel at home there.

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