Homeschooling in Georgia

To homeschool in Georgia, you must be aware of homeschool legislation, required documentation, and find the right curriculum. Here are the answers to the top ten questions about homeschooling in Georgia.

1. What are the laws regarding homeschooling in Georgia?

Home schoolers in Georgia are required to have instruction at least 180 days a year for at least 4 Ã?½ hours per day. They must teach the basis subjects of Reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science, and must meet the minimum standards for standardized testing (every three years starting in 3rd grade.) In addition, for children age 6-16 an intent to homeschool” letter must be submitted each fall, and “attendance” sheets must be submitted monthly. Driver’s licenses can be revoked for students not ‘enrolled’, so paperwork or other proof of continued education must be filed.

2. Where can I find the required forms and actually Georgia homeschooling laws?

Although these exact forms are not required, you can find forms that will help you submit your home schooling information and read more about homeschooling laws at (Georgia Home Education Association).

3. What curriculum should I use to homeschool in Georgia?

There is no required curriculum for home schooling in Georgia. You can use anything that teaches the required subjects. There are hundreds of choices.

4. How should I homeschool my kids?

You have to decide this for yourself. What you need to do is read, read, read, everything you can about home schooling so you can decide method, materials and approach for your kids.

5. How can I compare my curriculums to what other kids in Georgia are using? has the basic educational standards for children in Georgia public schools that you can use to compare your curriculums. It is written in plain English.

6. Can homeschoolers in Georgia use public school resources?

Mixing homeschooling and Public schooling is frowned upon in Georgia. Georgia homeschoolers prefer the government to keep their hands-off. Don’t expect to find too many public resources for home schooled children with the exception of special Ed services. Using these services however, may end up getting your child labeled which could cause pressure from the public school system to enroll your child.

7. Can I use the public school funded homeschool system (k-12) free in GA.?

You are free to use the K-12 system to homeschool in Georgia, but you must pay for it yourself as homeschool lobbyist’s work against such mixing of public school and home schooling.

8. Are there any free resources for homeschooling in GA?

You (and the general public) have free use of the public libraries, museums (some hours are free), public parks, and school playgrounds and outdoor track facilities (during non school hours)

9. Where can I find other homeschoolers in my area?

There are many homeschool groups in the Greater Atlanta Area. Many of them are found here:

10. If there is ONE item I should definitely have before I start homeschooling, what is it?

The single item that will make home schooling easiest is a home computer or laptop with an internet connection. There is nothing you cannot learn if you have a computer.

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