Horror Film SAW now on VHS and DVD

I had heard often times about the movie SAW being so scary that others couldn’t even finish watching it. Rarely does a movie come along that makes you as freaked out as SAW does.

I have in the past decided to watch comedies instead of scary movies because I felt disappointed with what I had always hope would give me a good scare for my money.

The movie starts out with two people in a nasty room chained to a pipe. But I won’t tell you who they are or what happens. But I will tell you that these two try to figure out the mystery of who put them there and why.

There is filth and grime all around the floor along with a gross toilet and tub. This plot is one that I haven’t seen done a million times. Danny Glover’s performance as a cop was well acted. This was one movie that I didn’t already predict what would happen, in fact there was twists that make you think and ponder the serial killers moves.

Through some scenes may be too much when eating during the movie. If you feel like a canker or a sore throat sucks, once you see this bear claw trap around one victim’s mouth, your problems will feel pleasant in comparison.

At the end of this movie you may question your own life. Blood isn’t spared and you may even see a hint of the Chucky doll resemblance.

HoSaw 2 is set to come out fall of 2005.

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