Hot Dog! Keep Your Pooch Cool in the Heat of Summer

When the temperatures soar, you need to keep an eye on your pets to make sure they are not overheating. Dogs are more vulnerable to heat problems during the summer because they are outdoors in the hot sun. This can lead to overheating, and even sunburn. Your dog loves to be with you, and may not let on they are suffering in order to remain at your side.


Keep your dogs fur trimmed in the summer. A dog’s internal temperature is higher than humans, but they can still overheat. Keep your dog cool in the summer by keeping thick or long fur under control. Don’t go too short when trimming your dog however, if too much skin is exposed your dog may get sunburned.


Limit the time you spend in the direct, midday sun with your dog. Don’t keep him in the backyard without shade and plenty of water to drink. You can even help keep your dog cool in the summer months by keeping a kid sized pool in a shaded area for your dog to splash around in.

Cars and Trucks

Never leave your dog unattended in your car or truck. The heat inside a vehicle, even one in the shade, can climb very quickly. At times, the heat in your car can go up to double what it is outside. You may think you can help them keep cool by leaving a window open, but that really doesn’t offer much help. Take them with you when you leave your vehicle. If you can’t, do your dog a favor and leave him or her home.

While You Work

If you leave your pet in your home each day when you go to work, help keep your dog cool in the summer months by leaving the air-conditioning running all day. You don’t need to leave it on high, but leave it running on the lowest setting so they have some relief from the climbing temperatures.

Know The Signs of Heat Stroke and Exhaustion

If your dog has become overheated, you’ll know it by how they act. Overheated dogs will start panting rapidly. Dogs pant to keep cool, but if it seems exaggerated and rapid, your dog may be too hot. You may also notice their skin feels hot, they may seem disoriented, or your dog may have a seizure.

You can help by getting them out of the sun immediately and to a cooler location. Wet a towel with cool water and wrap it around them and call your veterinarian for further instruction.


When you walk your dog in the summer months, remember the pads on their feet are sensitive. You can help keep them cool by watching where they are walking. Sidewalks and road surfaces are extremely hot when they are receiving direct sunshine. Help your dog keep cool by walking them on grassy surfaces when the sun is at its hottest.

Water, Water, Water

Be extra diligent about having fresh, cool water on hand for your pet. Keep their bowls at home full, and don’t forget to leave them a pool in the backyard if they must hang out there for any amount of time. If you are walking with your dog, or spending the day at the park, be sure to have plenty of water with you to help keep your dog hydrated.

Final Thoughts

You may want your dog with you as much as possible, but for the sake of their health you should know when they can be with you, and when they should just stay home. Keeping your dog cool in the summer months is not that hard as long as you give it a little thought. Keep exposure to the midday sun to a minimum, offer plenty of water and shade, and keep exercise to a minimum. They will love you for it.

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