Hot New Trend: Fish Vessel Sinks

Fish vessel sinks have become quite a hot trend in bathroom renovations. Several new styles were shown at this years
builders show and it appears that the fish vessel sink is one of the hottest trends in bathroom decorating this year.
Amy Bauer of the Home Builders Association attributed the success of the fish vessel sinks to a wide variety of styles.

Just scanning the huge selection of fish vessel sinks that were available at the trade show would definitely lead one to
believe that to be the case. Fish vessel sinks were seen in a variety of finishes many being clear with a definite artistic
flair of backwards painting. The artistic work on some of these bathroom sinks were just amazing. one of the stand out
pieces were an by an artist from Kansas. She is able to do a free hand paint on the fish vessel sinks but finishes up with
a ceramic type firing process. This process leaves the bowl clear and the vivid colors of her paints shining through.

If you are going to be decorating a new bathroom or remodeling your current bathroom is in your future, a quick peek of the
fish vessel sinks that are available at your local building supply house may be in order. If you are not happy with the local
selection of vessel sinks, I would highly recommend looking on line. There are several great on line suppliers that are able to offer
a full line of sinks for most any taste. For on line fish vessel sinks, I would highly recommend They offer a huge
selection of sinks with a great customer service policy to back up their sales.

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