Hot Path to Destruction

The human race has been kept busy for thousands of years running a course of destruction. We call it “progress” but it’s really a misnomer. The word “progress” would insinuate some sort of improvement along the way. But, when the costs of this “progress” begins to outweigh the benefits, it can no longer be considered progress. Rather, it’s an ironic means of painting ourselves into a corner.

Let’s take a close look at this question and see for ourselves if it is indeed true that man literally shi…s in the bed that he sleeps in:

(1) Pollution levels are so high that we’re dying of lung disease.

(2)Trees and grass are being replaced by cement. So, we have less oxygen to breathe.

(3)More and more fish have higher levels of PCBs than omega-3s.

(4)A growing number of animals are being added to the endangered list.

(5)Clean drinking water is hard to find.

(6)Global warming is heating the polar ice caps and increasing our ocean levels to the point where we may flood ourselves.

(7)The electromagnetic fields eliminating from our power plant are causing blood cancers in our children.

(8) Biological wastes are poured into our ocean waters creating a hot bed for bacterial growth.

(9)Pesticides seep into the ground water for all of us to drink (and we wonder why we are sick sometimes?).

These are just a few of the ramifications caused by our own “progressive” self-destruction. But that’s enough to convince me that if we have not already ruined the earth, we sure are on a hot path to do so real soon – do ya think?

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