Hot Tub Cover Care Tips

Relaxing, warm, stress relief, healing and pain relief some of the benefits of having a long soothing dip in your own hot tub. But like many things in life your hot tub also need a bit of attention shown to it. Spa’s that do not get simple maintenance done on them can become unusable. Your money down the drain!

You should give priority in giving special care to the hot tub cover. Covers are essential to the success of your spa and cover-maintenance ensures that your tub will provide many years of luxury to you. Repair/replacement is a very luxurious expenditure, and it’s easily avoidable,

Spa covers are intended to protect the water when it is not in use. Spa covers also act as an important safety measure against any accidental drowning. It is also designed to retain heat while the spa’s not in use. Heating a spa can be expensive and, with the rising cost of energy, you don’t want to see any more increase in your heating bill. Therefore, hot tub covers prevents your hot tub being invaded by foreign items such as dirt, grime and critters. It also helps to reduce your energy bills, protects you and your family from having nasty accidents and further more it protects the shell of the tub being exposed to the direct sunlight.

The cover is a very important item in a hot tub. Therefore you should take extra care of it. However it is not difficult as most care it needs is just measures that you should not actually do (preventive measures) i.e.:- do not use any cleaning agent that contain petroleum, waxes, silicone, abrasives or alcohol while cleaning them – doing so will damage or destroy your cover. A protective product that’s designated for vinyl – products treated with ultra-violet inhibitors is better as it will prevent any sun-damage to the outer vinyl. A popular product among most hot tub owners is 303 Aerospace Protectant. Use mild soap for actual cleaning. If you are using any detergent make sure that it is appropriate and will not damage marine vinyl.

It is very romantic to sit in a spa on a winter night, but be mindful about your tub as owners that live in snowy climates need to take extra precautions to protect their investment. Snow must be cleared immediately; any extra weight will damage the cover and make it bend inward. Never use a snow shovel when removing the snow. It can damage the foam core making it ineffectual against whether elements.

You need to combat molding. For this occasional extra care is needed to stop a cover from molding. Over time, it can become waterlogged and heavy which, on one hand, is good for insulation. If a cover becomes too waterlogged, however, it will become moldy. Mold can weaken the integrity of the polystyrene, making it less insulated. To combat this mold, unzip the cover to let the foam evaporate; this should be done every three months that the spa is not being used.

It is also recommended to stand your cover on its side at least once every month. This drains the excess moisture and preserves the foam core.

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