Hotel Arlequin: Review of a Luxury Hotel in Brussels, Belgium

17-19 Rue de la Fourche,
1000 Brussels,

Hotel Arlequin, a luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium, is an ideal place to stay while traveling in Europe, whether you are a sight seeing tourist or an overnight Businessperson. Or if you are simply looking for a nice place to stay while in the city that will allow you to bring a pet. The luxurious three star hotel was built in 1965 and just renovated in 2001. With 92 rooms with multiple amenities, the Hotel Arlequin, Brussels, Belgium can accommodate many but not too many to where you feel like you are just a numbered guest. Additionally, this hotel is right in the heart of the city for a location near most everything you might need.

I found the Hotel Arlequin, luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium after scouring online and by travel guide book all over for a great hotel in a superior location in Brussels. My three friends and I, one of them traveling with me from the United States and the other two, from the Netherlands, all were going to meet up in Belgium for a few days for some sightseeing and fun among friends. We were looking for a place with fairly higher class yet inexpensive rooms that were not only safe but also near local favorite attractions. We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to get until we arrived, but upon doing so, we found the Hotel Arlequin way above par. It was truly a luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium as it claimed. Not only was it clean and modern, but it was in a superior location at the heart of Brussels, Belgium.

The rooms at the Hotel Arlequin, luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium, though inexpensive for the area, came equipped with everything we could need and more so. With a personal shower and toilet, which is hard to find in Europe for people traveling on a budget, the bathroom was extremely clean with modern tile and working facilities. My friend and I got a double, as did the other two from the Netherlands, and both rooms came with hair dryers, TV and wireless internet access. One should note though that all of the rooms in the hotel are non-smoking, but the place is small enough to where you can quickly go down the elevator and step outside to the street to light your cigarette. Sure, it is slightly a pain to get dressed early morning or the middle of the night for a smoke, but more places these days, even in Europe, are transferring to become non smoking facilities so we might as well get used to it now. The rooms, including the other triple or single options, are also not air-conditioned. Air conditioning is not really necessary, as the Hotel Arlequin remains fairly cool at nights, but for those who require really cold rooms while sleeping or lounging during the daytime, it would be wise to seek alternate ideas for lodging.

The service at Hotel Arlequin, luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium is very good considering their lack of perfect English. At least, so was the case when communicating with them before and during our trip. The front desk associates were extremely friendly when we arrived and during the entire visit. They kindly gave us brief directions to local convenience stores, though without any real recommendations. It was obvious even before we got there that they did not have great English speaking skills, for on the phone they appeared slightly curt and a bit cold. However, once there, we realized that this sternness was not intentional, but just a language barrier. They did do the best that they could though, in assisting us with directions and such, and were very friendly and cheerful. They also let us store our luggage in their “safe” room, which was properly locked and attended, as we were meandering around the city after checking out of our rooms. That was extremely convenient as we did not have the burden of carrying our heavy suitcases with us all over town. This part, to me, is one of the most important things to look for in a hotel, as having your bags in tow while trying to also navigate a new place can be quite the pain.

Located on Rou de la Fourche Street, on a sort of side street from the main commerce area in Brussels, Belgium is Hotel Arlequin. The street is fairly private/quiet and next to the hotel is what appears to be a mysterious swingers club. Do not let that fool you though; it is by no means in a shady area of town. It is simply set among all of the activity. It is only a short walk (about five minutes) to the train station (Grand-Place) and all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants, as well as local tourist attractions are right at your fingertips when coming from the hotel. Hotel Arlequin is in City Centre. To take a taxi from Zaventem Brussels International Airport to the Hotel Arlequin, luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium will cost you about 30.00 EURO.

Overall, the Hotel Arlequin, luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium is a fantastic choice of stay. Room rates vary according to date and size of room. Best to contact them or email for more information. Other things to keep in mind when helping you decide whether or not to choose the Hotel Arlequin for your place of stay while in Brussels is that according to the hotel, the facility is not “children friendly”. It would suit you best to inquire further about what that means to them, because even though that is what is stated on their online FAQ form, they also contradict that there are indeed baby cots available and there are also babysitting services. And despite a convenient elevator, the rooms are not considered specifically fit for disabled persons. Pets, on the other hand, are allowed and for no extra charge.

The Hotel Arlequin is located at 17-19 Rue de la Fourche Street in Brussels, Belgium 1000, directly off of Grasmarkt Street and Rue de la Bourse. The luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium is also in short walking distance from St.-Hubertus Galerijen, or the St. Hubert Galleries.

As is the case with many hotels in Europe, it is very difficult to find a phone number for the Hotel Arlequin, luxury hotel in Brussels, Belgium. They prefer you to make first contact by enquiring to them about potential dates’ rates through forms provided on various hotel directory sites. One such directory is at Holiday City Europe. If you search for Hotel Arlequin in Brussels, Belgium under their “Hotels” heading, you should be able to pull up more information and at the bottom of the FAQ sheet is a link to inquire further directly to the hotel.

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