House of Secrets – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

It was 2:30 and Cassidy was in her history class. She was very tired and in a dream-like state. She barely heard the boring lesson on the battle of Quebec, but for some reason she was more clued into the sounds going on in the room. There was someone coughing and someone else shuffling papers. All Cassidy could think about was her upcoming birthday and would her Mom or Dad even remember.

She didn’t blame her Dad he didn’t remember anyone’s birthday not even his own; but mom used to remember her birthday and she used to make birthday parties for her. One time she even had her birthday party at Macdonalds. She had six of her girlfriends with her. That year mom was still happy and she even went into the room full of balls with the girls. It was the best birthday party she ever had. Cassidy remembered this wonderful birthday from when she was four years old.

Last year she asked if she could have a party for her birthday and her Dad just said, “We’ll see.”

Cassidy made sure that her Mom had the list of phone numbers of the friends she wanted to invite weeks in advance. Then when she didn’t hear anymore about it she figured her mother was planning a surprise birthday party.

Cassidy’s birthday fell on a Saturday which made it perfect to have friends over. Her best friend was Julie Samuels and she had previously been to her birthday party the week before. Cassidy wanted to her party at the community center where they often held birthday parties. She didn’t want the kids coming to the house. She didn’t know what condition the house would be in and if her mother would be drunk. If she had it at the center, Dad or Pete would go and her mother could sleep it off if she was drunk and come along if she was sober.

Cassidy suddenly awoke when she heard loud laughing and giggling.

Her teacher, Mrs. Fisher was standing right over her desk. Mrs. Fisher said to repeat the answer to the question she was asked. Cassidy was stunned she did not know what the question was. She hesitated because she really did not know what to answer.

Mrs. Fisher said, “Very well, it seems our little comedian has lost her nerve but she did give us a good laugh for the day. Can anyone else give me that answer for the french commander in the battle of Quebec? I assured you it was not Julie Samuels. Oh but maybe I am wrong, Julie can you tell me if you were the french commander during the battle of Quebec?

Julie sheepishly responded, “No Mrs. Fisher it was not me.”

“Then who was it?

“General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm “

“Alright, can anyone tell me what was particularly strange about this battle other than Julie Samuels was not present at the battle scene?

The school bell rang and the students got up to leave the class. Mrs. Fisher asked Cassidy to stay back.

“Cassidy wondered if she was in trouble. Normally Mrs. Fisher was so nice. She was in fact her favourite teacher even though she didn’t care much about history.

Mrs. Fisher beaconed Cassidy to sit down.

“Cassidy did you do your homework last night, did you read the subject matter?

“Yes miss.

“If I were to give you a surprise quiz on the battle of Quebec right now would you pass?

“I think so.

“Very well then who was the other general representing the British army?

“General James Wolfe

“Where did the battle take place?

“On the Plains of Abraham

“Who won the battle?


“How was the winner selected?

“Wolfe was the first to die

“How long did Montcalm remain a general after the battle?

“Just a matter of minutes, he died right after Wolfe died.

“Very good. I was going to have a pop quiz tomorrow on the subject but I will reserve the quiz for a latter date on a different subject.

“Cassidy, you were dozing off in class today is there a problem at home, or are you going through a personal problem?

“No Mrs. Fisher”

“Cassidy, it is not like you to sleep in class. I fully realize you find Canadian history boring; most of my students do but somehow I get the feeling something is just not right. Several times I have noticed you staring into space. You are not talking drugs are you?”

“Oh no Mrs. Fisher I would never do that.”

“Cassidy, if there was a problem would you confide in me err maybe see Mrs. Black the guidance counsellor.

? You know you can always go to her for school related issues and personal issues as well.”

“Yes Mrs. Fisher I know.”

“Alright then I won’t keep you any longer. I am sure Julie is waiting for you in the school yard.”

to be continued

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