Household Items that Will Help You Take Care of Your Baby

Actually there are probably tons of household items that will help you take care of babies but here are a few that will help you complete specific tasks when taking care of your child. You may already use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Baby Oil when giving your baby a bath but did you know along with two other household items you actually make homemade diapers? That’s right. Save yourself a lot of money making your own diapers with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Baby Oil, Smirnoff Vodka, and Bounty Paper Towels.

Mix three teaspoons of the baby shampoo, two teaspoons of baby oil, and one tablespoon of the Vodka with two cups of water. Tear off at least twenty sheets of Bounty paper towels and cut each square in half, fold the half into thirds, like a baby wipe. Place all the folded sheets on a pan and sprinkle the mixture of the paper towels so the towels can absorb the liquid. Then stack the towels in an airtight container and there you have it, homemade diapers.

If your baby is suffering some pain from a vaccine shot, get a Lipton Tea bag and dampen it with warm water. Apply it to the sore area. The acid in the tea will help soothe the pain and relieve your baby from the pain. Sometimes small children have difficulty swallowing pills or medicine. If so, open up the capsule or crush the medicine in a small cup filled with Mott’s Applesauce and feed them the Applesauce. Make sure you stir the medicine in the Applesauce.

In order to protect your baby from bumping into desks or tables with sharp corners you can try taping Sanitary Napkins or any sort of thick cloth to the corners with some tape. You can also cut some old tennis balls into halves and tape them around the corners or edges of the tables. Make sure you use a strong adhesive tape that will secure the household items into place.

Parents come up with all sorts of ways to tell identical twin babies apart. Noting that one of the baby’s facial parts are shaped a little different or one has a birthmark on a certain part of their body, or perhaps one cries or moves more than the other. A simple way to be able to tell your identical twin babies apart is to paint one of the baby’s fingernail or toenails with a colored fingernail polish. Pretty simple enough, huh?

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