Household Items to Remedy Any Problem

I decided to write an article about all of the household hints and tips that I have personally tried and that have worked for me. I am sure, like me, you have received email after email regarding household hints. Sometimes we try them and sometimes we don’t, and we always wonder if they are real and if they truly work. So, I decided instead of just writing about the stuff that “might” work, I wanted to write about the things that I have tried and have worked for me. Now, these are not originally mine, but are hints and tips that I have been fortunate to learn about and that have worked for me.

OK, here we go!

Baking soda! This is an awesome cleaner! Yes, I said cleaner! When you have that sticky goop on your stove just put a dab of baking soda on a wet rag and the goop will come right off! Since it is non abrasive it will work on all types of surfaces. I have even cleaned the inside of my fridge with it!

Place a wooden spoon in the dish you are boiling to keep it from boiling over. I have done this with boiling potatoes and noodles. Works like a charm!

Place a piece of bread in with your brown sugar to keep it from getting hard. This really works! I have tried other things in the past that didn’t work, like those brown sugar little bears. Bread really does work.

Place a marshmallow in the bottom of an ice cream cone to keep from dripping. The kids get an extra treat when they finish their cone!

My son seems to get a lot of splinters. Drop a dab of glue on the splinter and when it is dried just peel off. The splinter will peel off too. Now, this works 99% of the time. You may occasionally have a stubborn splinter that won’t come out.

To fill nail holes in your wall put a dab of white toothpaste in the hole and then sand out. Works beautifully! I especially did this when we moved out of our old house! It is also good though when you want to move your pictures and shelves around.

Now this is weird, but so cool! Drop an alka seltzer tablet in your toilet for a clean and sparkly toilet. Plus, it is fun to watch!

I hate it when I can’t get a label off of a jar! Drives me nuts! So now all I do is rub some peanut butter on the label and wash off and the label will come right off.

I keep a small package of wipes in our car all of the time. They are good for so many things! Good for those sticky fingers and hands and good for any quick clean ups. They also are good for cleaning. I will wipe down the leather seats and also the dashboard with them. It leaves them very clean and also smelling clean!

We once had a very bad flea problem in our home and I was desperate for something to work. Heard about this next remedy and tried it and it worked! Sprinkle yeast all over the carpet where you have fleas. Let sit for a few hours and then vacuum. It does work and cost less than those other flea killers!

I guess what they say is true: ants do stay away from a chalk line!

No more crying over onions! When peeling and cutting an onion to keep from tearing up light a match and then blow it out. Put the blown out match between your teeth and your eyes will be fine! I have done this several times. Now, I wear contacts so I don’t have to use matches much anymore!

Clean scratches off of cd’s with a coffee filter and white toothpaste. I have done this several times and it does work!

“Cool” Freezing tip: Another thing I do is line my casserole dish with foil and then prepare my meal without cooking it. I place in freezer for a few hours and then remove. Lay the bottom of the casserole dish in warm water for a few minutes and then lift the foil and casserole. You can re wrap and write on the foil what dish it is and freeze. When it comes time to cook it just place back in the casserole dish. Saves room in the freezer and helps with future meals.

A quick cooking tip: cook up a big batch of ground meat and then separate into freezer bags. When your ready for tacos or any dish that requires ground meat voila, your ready to go! This saves me so much time!

To dispose of oil I have done two things. I will put a small amount of water in a small bowl and then pour the grease in the water. In a few minutes the grease will harden and separate from the water. You can use a spatula to separate and discard the hardened oil. I have also used empty cans to pour the oil in.

When making meals always think if you can half it. Cook half for dinner and freeze half for later. This “half way” of thinking works in a lot of ways too. Paper towels, season packets in food, etc. Just think outside of the box for ways you can use them.

To make your own window cleaner put 1 part water and 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle and mix well. It cleans your windows and mirrors to a sparkly shine with no streaks! The smell evaporates very quickly also.

If you over salt a soup add a little dab of sugar. The sugar cancels out the extra salt.

Line your oven with foil so when spillage happens just remove the foil and replace. No messy clean up.

To save even more time in the kitchen line your cookie sheets with foil. Very easy clean up and no stuck on mess to deal with.

Put a drop or two of eye drops for redness on your blemish to take the redness out. I have done this a few times and it works.

For puffy eyes in the morning put a spoon in the fridge for a few minutes and then place the spoon across your eye. It works!

I fold a couple extra trash bags and lay them in the bottom of the trash can and then place the a new bag over them. When it comes time to change bags you will have bags handy.

Okay, this is gross but it does work! For bee stings place a wad of chewed tobacco on the sting. Sounds disgusting but it does work!

Hopefully you have found some great tips and hints here and hopefully some you have never heard or thought of!

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