Household Tips: From Fitting Pillow Cases to Room Deodorizers

The easiest way to put a pillow case on a pillow is to start with the pillow case wrong side out. Place your hands inside the wrong side out pillow case with your fingers in the bottom corners of the case, then grab the pillow by the corners and flip the pillow as you pull up on the pillow case. There you have it; your pillow case is on your pillow in seconds.

Room deodorizers and scent devices can be expensive but to make your rooms smell great and change scents anytime you want, you can use a small cup warmer. These small plug in cup warmers only cost about one dollar and you can set any of your favorite candles on the cup warmer to release a lovely smell into your house and change candles for different scents. The cup warmers put out enough heat to activate the scent of the candles but not enough heat to create a fire hazard. This is ideal for candles that cannot be lit anymore because of damaged or missing wicks.

One alternative to using lit candles which sometimes can be a fire hazard is using the little flickering lights that look like candles to decorate. They flicker just like candle light and have tiny little on-off switch at the bottom of them so you can save the life in them for special occasions. These can be purchased at any Dollar Tree store and can give any special night a special glow.

The summer season can be a rough time for fighting insects and pests in your home. One pest that is particularly hard to deal with is the tiny red ants that march into your kitchen and linger as long as you let them. One way to fight these little pests is with a product called TERRO. It is a liquid that you can dab just a spot of beside your sink or at the back of your counter which the ants will be drawn to because it has sweetness to it. The ants will then take this back to their living quarters and it will kill the hive. This product can be found at Wal-Mart or other thrift stores and is not expensive at all. A little bottle will last a long time and help you win the battle of the ants.

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