Housetraining Your Dog : How to Guide

Dogs naturally want to be clean. They will not soil their living area unless they cannot help it. Using this as a given, follow the following steps to housetrain your dog properly.

1. Mark Your Dog’s Living Area

Your dog needs to be given own living area. You may be able to use a dog crate for this. Your dog may not immediately take to living in a dog crate but through training he should become used to it. The crate should be the right size for him of course. One side should be covered with waste paper in case he cannot control his bowels. Although he will be in his own living area during this training time do not shut him off completely from the family. Keep the crate inside the house where he can be easily seen by the family and visa versa. 2

2. Mark Your Dog’s Toilet Area

Always take your dog out first thing in the morning. Dog’s love routine. So try to take him out at the same time every morning. You should carry him outside so that he doesn’t go to the bathroom as soon as he gets out of the crate as this would be the exact wrong thing we don’t want him to learn. Once he is outside he will sniff around and find the perfect place to use relieve himself. You should always praise him for this when he is done. He should know how much you approve of him relieving himself outside. He shall learn from this that his bathroom is outside not inside.

3. Take Your Dog On Long Walks

You should be taking him for pretty long walks. Wait for him to go before you take him back inside. This could take anywhere from 2 minutes to one hour. And remember to always praise him when he completes his job.

4. Introduce Your Dog To The whole house

Now that you have trained your dog to know where his living area is and his toilet area he will very rarely have any accidents at home. It is now time to introduce him to the whole house! You want to move his living area around to different parts of the house and open it up and let him explore. Soon he will start to consider the whole house an extension of his living area.

5. Treat Your Dog With Love And Respect

It’s natural to lose patience and become upset when your dog makes an “accident” in the house but you need to fight this impulse. Your dog will not understand it if you yell at them, this is not how they learn. If they make an accident in the house there’s a good chance it only happened because he couldn’t help it and there was no one there to take him outside when he needed to go. Do not yell at or scold your pet. If you’ve properly trained your dog and this problem of accidents in the house becomes commonplace then you might need to take him to the vet to see if he has a bladder or bowel dysfunction.

House Training Older Dogs?

These steps can also be used to train older dogs although it may take longer for them to learn.

In Conclusion

Housetraining your dog is obviously an important step in your dog’s training. Once your dog has been housetrained properly he will have full control over his bladder and bowel function and he can be left alone for long periods of time.

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