How Can Children Help Prepare a Household for the Holdiays?

Can you imagine the holiday season without children? What a dismal idea. Children, are the delight and joy ,of the season. Here are ways children love to help with holiday preparations.

First of all, most children are artists. They love to help make decorations, and showcase their home, with a proud display of glittery decor. They love to string popcorn, cut out paper Christmas trees, and make glitter stars to hang up. Having a home ,decorated with children’s handiwork, is a proud and cheerful home.

Children love to help bake. They will throw ingredients into the mixing bowl, and help stir the cookie dough. They will eagerly help put the dough onto cookie sheets, and help press the cookie cutter. Helping put cookies into little baskets, is a terrific way to teach children how to give homemade gifts, without breaking the bank.

Children love to make Christmas cards. Giving children a work area with all the holiday crafts, is a great way to boost children’s creativity. Teaching children the joy of the season, without depending on stores and money, is a meaningful life lesson. When children see the results of their creativity, they will feel proud and confident. A homemade Christmas card, for instance, is far more special, than a card out of an assembly line box.

Children love to decorate the tree. Sometimes, adults get nervous, because of the glass decorations that can break, or the mess than can be made. Relax. Childhood is short. Letting children be part of the holiday preparations, makes children feel important, and teaches them the joy of belonging.

Letting children make homemade gifts, is the final step, to including them in the holiday preparations. Children love to make jewelry, decorate candles, dress up teddy bears, and paint porcelain objects. Many times, these kind of gifts will outlast store bought gifts. A gift from the heart, is far more endearing, that a gift bought in a rushed, department store, frenzy.

Finally, if you are able, have your children reach out to those less fortunate. Singing carols at a hospital or nursing home, is an experience your children will never forget. Bringing joy to suffering faces, is a powerful experience for children. Helping feed the homeless, or giving out toys to other less fortunate children, will give your children the gift of compassion. That is the greatest gift you could give your children for the holidays!

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