How Can You Help Prevent Your Child from Getting Colds This School Year?

One thing that many parents dread is when their children go back to school they almost instantly seem to get sick. With the start of school always comes the change in weather and exposure to more germs. Since kids interact with each other on a daily basis they are bound to spread germs from one person to the other. But since most parents do not want their children to end up missing too much school following is a list of precautions that may help.

1. Make sure that your child takes their vitamins daily. It is important that you help to boost your child’s immune system. This can be done by making sure they take a children’s multivitamin every morning before going to school.

2. Give them airborne before going to school. You have probably heard of the very popular airborne, which is supposed to help against getting colds. Since all of the ingredients in this product are natural there is nothing wrong with giving them one before they go to school each day. Just remember to follow the directions on the box.

3. Make sure they eat a healthy breakfast. A natural way to fight off any type of germs is to eat healthy in the morning.

4. Increase their vitamin C intake. Giving them plenty of orange juice and other drinks that contain large amounts of vitamin C help them to fight off these germs and build up their immune systems.

5. Make sure they wash up as soon as they arrive home. It might seem more like a hassle to have your child wash up and take a bath as soon as they arrive home from school, but this really helps to kill off any germs that they might be carrying.

6. Make sure they dress properly. It is also very important that in cool weather they are dressed properly. Some people allow their children to continue wearing shorts even though the temperature drops down to forty or thirty degrees. Just remember that you can not always go by the time of year.

These are just a few suggestions that may help to keep your child from missing too much time from school because of sickness. It is also important that you take additional measures whenever someone in the house does get sick. This would include making sure that you are fully stocked up on disinfectant wipes, sprays, and tissues.

This helps to keep the germs down in your house. It is also a good idea to wash the sick household member’s sheets in hot water daily. This will also help to remove germs, when someone is sick, and may help them to get better faster. Of course this means a lot of work, but in the long run it will definitely be worth it.

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