How Children are Affected by Divorce

No child wants to see their parents separate. It is not good for them emotionally and mentally. It can tear them up inside and make them feel left out. Children feel like it is their fault sometimes. It is a part of life when parents can not get along and they split up. Children get in the middle and suffer for that. They love the parents and want to live with them both forever. That is not the case in divorces. Children not get to pick who they want to live with. For this reason, child support is granted and parents share custody of the child. Parents choose the days to have the child over for the week or weekend. It is sad to say that children who are in a custody battle are like toys. They go from home to home, parent to parent. No it is not dangerous at least they are seeing their parents.

How children are affected by divorces:

mentally and physically
they get in trouble
act out for attention
hang out with the wrong group of friends
they have nightmares
feel like they lost their best friend
sadden, afraid, emotional

No matter what age a child is in a divorce battle, they should be able to talk about it. A small child or baby may not understand the meaning of divorce but an older child does. A younger child may cry and miss the parent but an older child wants to call them and see them. They should go to some counseling and talk to friends and family. No child should face this alone. In an older child/teenager they feel abandon. They do understand why this is happening and the best way to heal the pain is by showing them you love them. They are the reason for parents living. Teenagers want their mom and dad together. It is a fact for any age but teenagers raise that fact.There is so much that goes on in their lives at this point and want to be the center of attention and make their parents proud. If a teenager is in the middle of a divorce issue than they could be feeling a lot of different feelings. When parents split up they sometimes do not bother with the child at all. Most fathers do bother and go pick them up and do things together.

Some of the wrong teenagers might do are:

drink, smoke, do drugs
skip school
lie, cheat, steal
stop communicating with friends and family
depression, madness, suicide

Most children and teenagers who are raised with much love and structure do turn out well. They go to school and fill in that hurt by loving the parent even more hey do have. They get good grades, most attend colleges. It hurts any human being when they lose two parents who have lived and loved each other.

Some children and teenagers lose their parents by death and that hurts even more than a divorce. That parent will not come back where in a divorce you can get that chance. Divorces only mean a parent split up not a child split up.

When a child of any age loses a parent through a divorce or a death they should:

get involved with family
have family outings
remember and cherish times of that loved one
get involved with the community
do volunteer work
look forward and not in the past
make that loved one proud
get in touch with that person if you can and do things together
make a change in your life and make it better

Parents should get along with each other for the children sake. Parents spilt up for many reasons, money, selfishness, trust and love. You can fall out of love with someone. The children suffer enough not having two around. They should help the children by moving on and not having them dwell on hurtful memories. Have the child see the other parents, do special things together like always. Bonding is a special piece of love you take with you when you give life and raise one.

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