How Computers Are Making Sports Safer

Around the world there is wide variety of sporting events, some of which involve quite a bit of danger. Computers have aided many sporting equipment manufacturers through the use of data analysis, measurements, impact statistics, and much more. Formulas can be entered into computers and probabilities found to aid in the production of certain types of equipment to provide optimal levels of safety.

The sports equipment industry over the years has come to rely heavily on computer aided design, or CAD, to create a vast range of equipment from shoes, to helmets, pads, protective face gear, mouth pieces, balls, and so much more. Trials of different materials and their strength in durability and protective qualities are done over and over again and entered into a computer database where the results are calculated and the best choice is revealed. Curvature of protective pads, as well as the best curve on the sole of the shoe is also tested and entered into the computer database. All sorts of testing of this nature is done before the best combination of the different materials is finished and a conclusion is reached.

At major sporting events, an extremely extensive computer system is set up for security purposes. Cameras and communication between all event officials is made easier through the computer system, thus keeping not only the fans safer, but the players as well before, after, and during the game. Without this type of communication, if one member of the event staff spotted a crazed fan trying to get onto the field but could not reach him, he would have a hard time notifying a colleague of the problem and having the problem taken care of before a larger one occurred.

Computers also help teach parents about precautions they should take before letting their children just go out there and play. From their homes they can research who makes the better protective gear, how to prevent dehydration, who sells the best practice equipment, and other questions of that nature. It’s in instant learning tool for anyone who knows how to use it, and has probably informed many parents of things they were not aware of before they looked it up.

In basketball, when a player breaks his or her nose, the only way they are able to play is if they wear a special protective mask. The measurements of the face are taken and sent into a computer program which analyzes the data, and aids the manufacturer in creating one to fit each individual’s face, protecting the injury the best way it can.

All in all, computers have become a major part of sports, not only on the field, but off it as well. It helps prepare athletes with the safest and most efficient equipment, allowing for much safer games to be played.

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