How Continuous Glucose Monitoring Means a Better Future

Millions of people suffer from diabetes. While some people only need to monitor his or her diet to control it, others must rely on insulin. Still, diabetics must monitor their blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Now, continuous glucose monitoring is giving hope to thousands of diabetics. This continuous monitor is a new way to help those that have a difficult time keeping their blood sugar in check. In addition, these monitors are excellent for children. This glucose monitor checks a diabetic’s blood sugar and lets them know if it falls to dangerous levels.

Although some believe that the monitors are not as accurate as blood tests, most researchers are hoping that within a couple of years, this device will allow a diabetic to forgo sticking their finger to test for blood glucose levels. If the monitor signals that blood sugar levels are low, it is necessary to take a blood test for confirmation. One disadvantage of this monitor that that they are slow to show rapid changes that occur, especially when you exercise. This monitor could make finger lances outdated for all diabetics.

This monitor works well for most diabetics. The technology is such that the monitor is very small and presents very little discomfort. These work by placing a tiny wire underneath the skin on the abdomen. The wire then measures the glucose in cell fluid. A patch is worn on the abdomen and over the wire. Once the patch is on, it is comfortable to wear and sends information to a receiver. The receiver is very small – about the size of a cell phone. A patch can be worn for several days before changing.

Just imagine what this can do for the health of diabetics. Continuous glucose monitoring means that the diabetic can go for long stretches of time without the worry of finger pricks. In addition, the ability to control blood glucose levels gives us the ability to also control the chronic complications that diabetes can cause.

In addition, researchers are working toward pairing the new monitoring device to insulin pumps. These pumps have been on the market for years and could reduce the time needed for controlling diabetes to a minimum. One such product has already been approved and is offered for to many diabetics. It is promising news for those who are trying to control Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

This insulin pump device can be compared to an external, artificial pancreas. The idea is that it can control blood sugar levels for days. The diabetic would need to program in meals that are coming up and exercise. Then, the pump delivers insulin when either the glucose monitor signals levels are low, or when the person exercises or eats a meal. The idea of the insulin pump and glucose monitor is not new. Scientists and researchers have been working on developing a glucose-monitoring device since the early 1960s.

Now that this technology has been realized, diabetics all over the world can live a normal life without using needles or finger pricks.

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