How Home Security Monitoring Works

How does security monitoring work? It doesn’t mean that someone is actually watching your home 24 hours a day. It does mean that the system will be alerted when a burglar tries to break in or in even the event of a fire. The amount of protection you will get from a home security system depends on the complexity of the system and the amount of services you can get from the provider. One thing that is the same on all home security monitoring systems is the steps they take during a security event. Below we will learn the steps a home monitoring system goes through.

First Step is activation. It is the homeowner’s job to activate the system by pressing a button or a code from a keypad that turns on the security system. This activates any trigger point on the house that is breached will be protected. Trigger points may include motion detectors, security cameras, access contacts, and other protected components. The homeowner activates the system when they leave the house and deactivates the system when they return by pressing the same button or code into the keypad.

Second is an actual breach in security. This is when the home monitoring system goes into action and will go through the series of events. First it will sound a warning alert. It basically detects the presence of an intruder and will give 30 seconds before it goes into full alarm. This basically allows the homeowner the time to deactivate the alarm when they enter the home.

Third it goes into full alarm. If and when the alarm is not deactivated after the 30 second warning a louder alarm will sound and a signal is sent to the monitoring station that the monitoring system in your home has been breached. There is staff at the monitoring station that respond to these messages 24 hours a day. First they will call the homeowner to find out if there really was an emergency or it was just a false alarm. If there is no response from the homeowner and no password given, the local police will be contacted by the home security monitoring station and will be sent to the address to deal with the security emergency.

A home security monitoring system works in a very precise way that gives direct action is a security situation. It can be very comforting to know that if something does happen to your house while you are away that the system will take care of the emergency itself. Most home security companies use the same process of action in an event where your home needs to be protected.

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