How Long Do You Use Your Sponges Before You Throw Them Away?

Sponges aren’t that expensive and you can buy a six pack of them at the dollar store but it still helps to use something to its fullest potential. There are generally quite a few different stages that a sponge has, sometimes it has multiple purposes at a time, though not all sponges will experience every single one of these stages.

Wipe Off Dining Room Table
A sponge may be used to wipe off a table, you may decide to use a sponge for this and nothing else or you may decide to do this with the same sponge that you use to wash dishes and to wipe off counters. What ever you feel comfortable with will be the most efficient.

Wash Dishes
Probably the most notorious thing that a sponge is known for is washing dishes. You may wipe off your table with the same sponge that you wash your dishes with and you will likely use the sponge that you use to wash your dishes with to wipe off your kitchen counters.

Wipe Off Kitchen Counters
Keep in mind that if you are cooking with raw meet you should be very diligent in keeping the sponge that you use to wipe off your counter throughly rinsed.

Kitchen Floor Spills
When you feel that your sponge has wiped enough counters, tables surfaces and washed dishes you may decide to use it to clean up spills that happen on the floor on the kitchen and dining room.

Bathroom Floor Spills
There may be a sponge that is solely for this or one that sees this last, spot cleaning your bathroom floor can a quick alternative to mopping it and having a sponge that is solely for this can be helpful.

Cleans the Kitchen Sink
When it comes time to clean your kitchen sink sometimes that can be a good time to retire the sponge that you use to wash dishes and use it on the sink.

Cleans the Kitchen Stove
After a while all of the pots that boiled over lead you to clean your stove. A sponge with a scrubby, often green, side can be the best to use.

Cleans the Refrigerator
You might have to clean your fridge as often as every month or you may space it out to every season. When you do tackle that task it can be a good idea to use a sponge.

Cleans the Bathroom Sink
Having a sponge that you use to clean the bathroom sink can come in handy especially if you want to do a quick wash after brushing your teeth.

Cleans the Bathtub
When it comes to cleaning the bathtub you will want to have a sponge. You may use the same sponge to clean the bathtub as you would for bathroom sink or you may use two separate sponges for the two bathroom items.

Cleans the Toilet
This will most likely be the last stage that a sponge has. Once they have done this task it is unlikely that they will be employed to do another.

If you aren’t sure that you will be able to keep track of what sponge is designated to do which job you can take a needle and thread and quickly stitch an X in it. Then all that you have to remember is what 1 X stands for and what 2 Xs stand for and so on. You could also try and buy sponges that come in different colors as well.

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