How Men can Keep a First Date from Going to Hell

Face it, whether you agree with it or not, first dates are what can brand you as a hero or a zero with a member of the opposite sex. In plain English, you pretty much get one shot. This paper may help you or send you down the ladder in your quest for dating satisfaction.

Behavior is a key factor in what a date will base their opinion and the fact that you get a hail mary’s chance with them. This grand scheme begins in how you exactly get your dating request across to them. I’m sure asking them in your best Rocky voice, “Hey (insert name) I think you and me should visit the backseat of my car Friday night!” A more sensible way of breaking this to them might be along the lines of “Are you free Friday night? I think you and me would enjoy each others company over some dinner. Are you in the least bit interested?” If you happen to get a yes, make sure that you don’t have anything going on that Friday night such as playing casino with your buddies at the kitchen table. Pick a sensible time to pick her up and ask if it is a good time for her. When Friday night rolls around, clean the disaster area known as the inside of your car.

Checking to see that there is gas in your car will help your special night out. If 7:30 is the time that you agree to pick her up at, be damn sure to do your best Sir Sterling Moss impression go there on time. Saying a simple hello to her when she opens the door may be the most inviting thing you do all night. Opening the car door for her may fetch you brownie points as well. En route to the eatery, give a valiant attempt to find out things about her to kill the first date rocky terrain. You never know, both of you may despise surprise quizzes and Dave Barry’s weekly ramblings. After the getting to know her attempt dies down, make sure you have an ample amount of cash and credit cards on call before you even open the eatery door. Congratulations, you’ve conquered the first frontier of the first dates.

DinnerâÂ?¦the next chapter in the book of first dates. If you think you’ve conquered it at this point, guess again. Once the car comes to a complete stop, swing the car door open for her. Opening the eatery door as well may hinge that million dollar smile on her face. Next in the process, slide her coat off of her and put it someplace. Pulling her seat out and helping her into it should bring nothing but positive results. Order the ideal thing that won’t make her skip town the next morning. Also trying not to conquer the waitress and eyeballing other women will help. That will send her the signal that there may be something special about you and that you’re not a pig like the other guys she has dated in the past. During that epic period of ordering and getting your food, try to learn some more about her and vice versa. Once the feast begins, make sure that the fancy green napkin wrapped up over your silverware ends up in your lap. World class manners is the thing she will see in your possession.

Chewing with your mouth open won’t impress her in the slightest bit. Close that mouth buddy! After both of your meals have been conquered and doggy bags filled, decide how dinner is going to get paid for. The tough question is: is she willing to pay 50-50 or is she going to let your wallet bleed like a fresh stabwound. Take care of the exit and car doors for her to make the car ride home that much more pleasant. On the way home, fill each others’ mind with how a both good time was had by all and that you would love to do it again sometime soon. When upon arriving at her house, walk her to the door. Make sure that nobody tries to assassinate her in the process. Exchange phone numbers, goodbyes and whatever else you choose to exchange. Hopefully this will top off the best damn date of you life. This sermon should’ve been of some service to you. A magical second date may be in the works. Then again, your attempt at a hail mary may have intercepted or ruled an incomplete pass.

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