How and Why Mini Desserts Are Taking the Cake

Nostalgic memories of making and decorating cupcakes are a mainstay of many a trip down memory lane, and today’s trends in baking and dessert creations are opening up fantastic possibilities in the world of cupcakes. With the rising trend of complete cupcake ‘ensembles’ for weddings and centerpieces for formal events, cupcakes are showing a fresh face for many reasons.

Miniature desserts are evolving to new heights as restaurants and cafes catch the wave of offering unique and distinctive flavors and signature recipes. Creating miniature versions of specialty desserts is a popular choice for cocktail parties, after-dinner extravagance, or a birthday treat for that special someone. Baking cupcakes in particular is a well-received gesture that works well for parties, potlucks, and get-togethers.

Today’s cupcakes are growing in scope and flavor, with unique designs and combinations. Pastry chefs around the world are experimenting with exciting possibilities including fudge-filled renditions, cheesecake toppings, oversized and jumbo cupcakes, glittery frosting, and the addition of miniature pictures and edible photos. Show-stopping creations are sure to please the masses, and cupcake socials are organized to host competitions and feature the ‘art’ of cupcake making.

Apparently, the perfect cupcake is both an art and science. The 2006 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show highlights that “To meet the judges’ approval, a cupcake needs to have volume and should rise high above its casing. Its texture needs to be consistent and fluffy with a buttery flavour. Taste is all important. . .”
“We are looking to see if a cupcake’s baked properly and it’s moist but not wet. It should have good structure and good crumb,” – Graeme Latham, judge and chairman.

All serious business aside, cupcakes are a wonderful accompaniment to any meal and party, and can be made a day in advance with the right storage. Decorating cupcakes is a childhood activity that can bring together kids and adults for some creative bonding, and is a great outlet to let creative fantasies reign! Cupcake tastings, competitions, and design contests all contribute to cupcake mania as it grows across today’s baking circles.

Cupcakes Take the Cake is a comprehensive blog that coversa ll things related to cupcakes. The site features fresh content and news on the latest trends in baking miniature desserts, and includes links to some resourceful recipe banks and designs. The group recently sponsored the famous Delicious Sandwich Social in New York where local sandwich makers entered their best sandwich creations towards a panel of judges. Cupcakes galore were provided for dessert to all participants.

Citizen Cupcake in San Francisco is a popular caf�©, patisserie, and restaurant for all cupcake enthusiasts. The extensive Cupcake Menu includes tasty offerings including the Persian Love, Moka Choka, Candy Bar #1, and a classic Carrot Cupcake. What better way to enjoy a shopping escapade? The Citizen Cupcake bar and restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the Virgin Megastore in downtown San Francisco.

Whether you’re analyzing the perfect frosting to cake ratio, conserving calories by choosing low-fat and healthy recipes, or creating a fantastic masterpiece to showcase at a wedding, cupcakes are sure to be a much-loved and long lasting baking exploit. Find out what your local bakery has to offer in this growing niche baking market, and explore the tastes and wonders of fairytale creations!

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