How is Christian Fundamentalism Displayed in Literature?

Throughout the history of literature there have been many books that have depicted the history of the Christian society and myths and beliefs that are on display to society. Such myths have taken on parts of truth whiles lies have spread to the truth in some parts of the world due to the forces of literature.

The first Christian book that I would like to look at is the DA Vinci Code which was written by Dan Brown. The book is now a best seller and currently a movie is coming out about the book that stars Tom Hanks in it. The book is about the myths of Mary Magdellin and the family of Jesus. The story is about the secret society that protects a hidden secret that lays dormant for ages. The secret society is first discovered by the main characters when a museum curator is killed and his body is put in a particular way. The police are called in and the plot gets more intriguing when it is discovered that the blood of the curator and the position of his body contains religious clues such as that of the goddess Venus. The characters, among of whom is the curators daughter, realize that the paintings in the museum contain even more clues about who murdered the curator. The curator is also discovered later on in the book to be the head of this secret society.

Finally towards the end of the book the narrator reveals that the Holy Grail cup is protecting the secret of the bones and grave of Mary Magdellen who was secretly Jesus’ wife and is also depicted in the painting of the Last Supper and with the Apostles.
Further imagery of Christian society is also portrayed in film like in “The Christ” which stars Mel Gibson. The film is totally biased in opinion but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most controversial films of the decade. While history has proven that the Jewish people were not to blame for the death of Jesus, that was the fault of the Romans, the film shows the Jewish people as murderers.

Another book by Dan Brown called “Angels and Demons” has also come out which many people consider to be the sequel to his first book. This book most critics see as much more religious than his first book. While Brown’s first book does have a lot of Christian teachings, the book is based on the mystery of a murder and a chase. The sequel just doesn’t seem to grasp the reader’s attention as much.

Christian teachings are prevalent in all aspects of society including film and literature and these sources of media are great ways to learn about the faith.

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