How to Apply Make Up in 5 Minutes

Your morning routine might be hectic enough, the thought of adding make-up to it could seem just too much, but here is a quick 5 minute routine that helps transform an ordinary face into a noticeable one in a few quick steps. The routine takes 5 to 7 minutes maximum and will leave you feeling more confident about yourself and the day ahead.

1. Begin by smoothing on a light oil-free moisturizer; choose one with an SPF of 15 or higher.

2. Tame unruly eyebrows with a clean toothbrush. If you really need to pluck a few hairs from your brow, try and do it when you have some more time to devote to it.

3. Curl eye lashes with a mini curler or an eyelash curler – they can be found in almost any drugstore

4. Apply a shimmery eye shadow to the tear duct area and brow bone, use a soft color like pink, fold or vanilla.

5. Add eyeliner – use a navy or brown eye pencil, starting on the upper lids place pencil at inner eye corner, look down and wiggle the pencil right into the lash line working your way to the outer corner of your eye. To apply liner to the bottom lids, tilt your head down and lightly line the outer corners. If application is too dark smudge with a cotton swab.

6. Face time! Apply foundation to a sponge or brush and cover the face, remembering to blend the foundation under your jaw bone as to not get the look of wearing a mask. Apply concealer to under eye circles and blemishes as needed. Finish the face off with a shine-control powder dusted on to the T-zone.

7. You’re almost done! Apply a coat of mascara to top lashes only. Apply blush by sweeping it across the apples of your cheek quickly. Finally apply a coat of lip-gloss or moisturizing lipstick to finish the look. Voila a beauty is born!

Sometimes the tools that are as important as your make-up are the brushes that you use to apply it. Here are some general tips on which brushes to use and which brushes do what.

Makeup brushes or cosmetic brushes are a necessity in the application of blush or powder. Make up professionals have stated that a good makeup brush is a beauty secret and is akin to what a good set of knives are to a chef. The biggest makeup hazard is caused by a bad makeup brush. For airbrush makeup you can buy soft, natural-bristle brushes for your cosmetic brushes, at discount prices. If (well cared for) your makeup brushes should last a life time.

Makeup brushes help your makeup go on more easily and look a lot better. Make up artists provide tips to suggest that the best brushes are made of natural bristle, with wooden handles. The handle should sit well in your hand so that you can get a great grip. Make up applicators use a blush brush, a powder brush, an eye shadow brush and finally a lip brush. Natural bristle made from sable, goat, or squirrel is the best solution for makeup brushes.

Discount brushes are the facial solution for creating a natural, anti aging, fabulous look. Care and treatment of any brush product should include soaking your makeup brushes, airbrush makeup and cosmetic brushes in a mix of hot water and antibacterial soap for a half hour. Leave them out to air-dry and use tissues regularly to wipe off your brushes. Saturate tissue with brush cleaner, or a mild shampoo to remove color. Always wash stroking from the base to the tip and rinse. Blot gently on a towel, squeeze back into shape and leave on the counter to dry. Cleanse thoroughly once a week depending on usage to remove bacteria. The secret is if the bristles stray off in different directions after prolonged use, simply cut them back.

More Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Fabulous:
1-For natural-smoky look, whatever color your eyeliner pencil is smudge it in tiny circular motions.

2-Give yourself a start with a few ice cubes pressed on your skin for a
finishing natural glow.

3-Always begin with the base, concealer, brows eyes, nose, lips, and then extra’s, (i,e start from base, top-bottom)

4-Never use bold pencils for anything, always sharpen for two reasons 1 fast build up of bacteria on tip, 2 won’t give any natural definition to your finished look, only use bold pencils after running pencil in hot water for a deeper or smudgy look.

5-For accentuated lips, begin with pencil, lipstick, gloss if needed, then
pencil again, blot lips, then lipstick again

6-Comb brows upwards before plucking or coloring in for tweezing the bottom, then comb downwards to tweeze on top.

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