How to Avoid a Carjacking

Each day, hundreds of people are approached by strangers and have their cars jacked in parking lots and at stop lights. Although a carjacking is random, and can happen to anyone, preventive measures can be taken. Here are a few tips to help you avoid becoming a victim.

� Select parking spaces in well-lit areas. Avoid parking in isolated spots.
� If possible, keep windows rolled up while waiting at stoplights.
� Lock all valuables in the glove box or trunk.
� Avoid fumbling for keys. Approach vehicle will keys in hand. Keep an open eye on your surroundings, and immediately lock the door once inside.
� Try and avoid roadside breakdowns.
� Travel along busy highways.
âÂ?¢ Avoid grocery stores, ATM’s, and gas stations at night.

In 1992, the United States passed a law making carjacking a federal crime. Carjackers consist of both adults and teenagers. In most cases, carjackers simply want to steal the vehicle, and the driver is rarely harmed. However, carjackings can become nasty. In some instances, victims are reluctant to hand over their cars. When this happens, carjackers may become angry and harm the victim. In recent years, there have been reports of carjacked victims suffering from gunshot wounds, stab wounds, and other bodily injuries.

Where Do Carjackings Commonly Occur?

� High crime areas
� Rural roadways
� Intersections
� Parking lots
� Gas stations
� Home Driveways

What to Do During a Carjacking?

� Give carjacker the vehicle
� Inform the carjacker of children inside the car
� Follow directions
� Avoid sudden or jerky moves

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