How to Banish Bathroom Clutter

Banishing clutter in the bathroom means more than stuffing clutter into bathroom drawers and underneath the sink. It means coming up with a permanent solution to bathroom clutter and finding a room for everything that is in the bathroom so that bathroom clutter does not start to build up again.

Cleaning Products

Many people store cleaning products in their bathrooms, reasoning that when it is time to clean the bathrooms that the products will be handy. While storing cleaning products in bathrooms makes them more easily accessible, cleaning products take up a lot of room that could be put to better use in storing toiletries. Cleaning products should all ideally be stored together in the utility room high up in a cupboard or shelf, out of the reach of young children.


Prescriptions medicines can easily take up a lot of room in bathrooms, as they clutter up the sink area. To help banish unnecessary bathroom clutter, store prescription medicines in a medicine cabinet or in another convenient location in the bathroom, such as in a drawer. This can also help to reduce the danger of young children coming into contact with prescription medicines and accidentally ingesting them.

Shampoo/ Conditioner

How many bottles of shampoo do you use at a time? If the answer is “one”, then that means it is time to banish the other five bottles of shampoo and conditioner that are perched around the bathtub. It is easy to accumulate several different bottles of shampoo and conditioner. But in order to banish bathroom clutter, only one bottle should be kept out and used at a time until it is completely empty. This will eliminate the build up of shampoo and conditioner bottles.


Make-up should be kept away from moisture to help preserve it for as long as possible. But for some reason, make-up often finds its way to the sink area, where it is kept out or there is a stray mascara wand left out without being put back inside the make-up bag. Once you have applied your make-up, replace all items that you have used and get into the habit of storing your make-up bag out of sight.

These are just a few items that can make a bathroom look cluttered. The key to achieving a tidier, uncluttered bathroom is to find a specific room for items that are usually found in bathrooms. Cleaning products do not need to be stored in bathrooms; medicines should be safely stored inside medicine cabinets; there is no need for several bottles of shampoo and conditioner to be kept out and make-up should be replaced inside make-up bags and kept away from moisture.

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