How to Be a Successful Stay at Home Mother & Wife

Are you one of those crazy mothers who run around all day feeling panicked? Not enough time in the day? Too many mothers don’t take enough time out for themselves without feeling guilty. I bet you would rather spend that “extra” time with your kids or husband. That extra money could go into savings instead of a new do for you. It’s time to take back control of your life and start feeling like a person again. Don’t let time run you ragged, you’re the boss now. I have your guide to successfully running a household with some time on the side for a little relaxation.

Set your alarm clock to one hour earlier. Take your morning shower in peace and quiet without someone knocking on the bathroom door. Make sure you do your hair in the morning and your make-up. Even if you stay home all day it’s important to feel nice. Feeling nice will put you in a more positive mood, which will make your day run smoother if you are happy. Now you are ready to brave the day and take charge.

Fix breakfast for the family. As you are making breakfast, clean up behind yourself. You don’t want to have to go back and re-clean everything. Just pick up as you go and save yourself half the time in the kitchen you normally spend. Now it’s time to wake up the kids and feed them. While you and the kids are eating, make sure Dad is getting ready for his work day. Next, clean up the kids and let them play until you are finished cleaning up after breakfast.

Since breakfast is over, it’s time to get the kids cleaned up and dressed. Playtime! As the children are playing, get some laundry done. It’s important to do one load of laundry a day. Laundry day never works out; it just leaves you stressed out when you see the pile of clothes that needs to be folded. If you do a load a day, it won’t pile up and give you a massive headache. Now that the laundry is done, check your list of things to-do for the day so you’re never behind.

On Mondays, wash off the top of the freezer, counters, cabinets and kitchen table. On Tuesdays, vacuum the most used room in the house. Also wipe down the blinds and windows and all the scuff marks off the bottom of the front door. Take the cushions off the couch and vacuum all the dirt that has accumulated. If you have slipcovers in your house, wash those as well. For Wednesday, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, and if you have a stairwell, clean the railing and hand prints on the wall. Thursday is vacuum day again in the most used room. You also need to clean all wood and glass surfaces in the house. Doorknobs accumulate bacteria that can spread and make you sick, so clean these off on Friday. Also clean off all the light switches, kid toys and wash all bedding. Saturday is kitchen floor day again. Wipe down the fridge, freezer, oven, stove, and dishwasher. If you have a garbage disposal, throw a handful of ice cubes down and turn it on. This will sharpen the blades. Last is Sunday where you will vacuum the entire house. Get out the broom and knock down all the cobwebs that have gathered in all the nooks and crannies. The ceiling fans should be wiped down as well as the light fixtures. Clean the bathroom today and be sure to wash the bathroom rugs and shower curtains.

If you keep this cleaning regimen up, you’ll always have a clean house! You won’t have to dread that awful spring cleaning day because it will already be done. Do a little bit everyday and you’ll be stress free. A clean home is a happy home. If your house is cluttered, it causes headaches, which makes you cranky and drowsy and mope around. Who would be in a good mood feeling like that? Make sure you don’t have anything in the back of your mind that needs to be done or it will hamper your good mood.

Now that you’ve done your cleaning for the day it’s lunch time. Make lunch while the kids watch a movie and be sure to clean as you go. After the kids eat and are cleaned up, they can now finish the rest of the movie while you finish cleaning up the kitchen. The kitchen is cleaned and the movie is done, so now it’s naptime. It’s very important that children have naps, as they use their energy up throughout the day so fast that they are dog-tired at night and become cranky and hard to handle. While the kids are sleeping, grab a book or surf the internet. Take some time out to relax. After all, the house is clean, the kids are asleep and you have a full stomach.

Once the kids wake up, spend some quality time with them. Play a board game or go outside for an hour. Once Dad comes home, prepare and cook dinner. After you’ve eaten and the kitchen is cleaned, you can now spend a nice relaxing evening with your family. Until bath time that is.

Now that the day has worn down, the children need some much needed rest. Buy some body wash and lotion with lavender. This will help them calm down for bed and sleep better. The kids are asleep, and now it’s just you and your husband. Spend some quality adult time together and relax, the day is over with. Don’t stay up too late though; you have tomorrow to prepare for!

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