How to Break in Your New Shoes

You take your time picking out the perfect pair of shoes before taking them to the register and handing over your hard-earned money. You can’t wait to wear them, and when you slip them on for the first time… you only last an hour before taking them off because they’re killing your feet. Breaking in new shoes is no fun, so I’ve compiled some tips to help get it over with fast.

Choose good-quality shoes

Finely made shoes are not only a good investment, saving you from having to shell out more bucks to replace them, but nice leather shoes stretch and are better at changing to fit the shape of your foot. In general, the higher-quality material a shoe is made out of, the quicker and better it will form to your feet. I’ve had great experiences with Nine West shoes. They will stretch, so consider buying them a half-a-size smaller than you usually wear.

Wear them!

Unfortunately, the only real way to break in a pair of new shoes is to wear them so they start to soften and mold to the shape of your foot. Luckily, there’s products available to make this process a lot more comfortable. Choose one that’s geared specifically to where your feet are hurting. Dr. Scholl’s has a bunch of great insoles, especially a pair designed specifically to wear with high heels. If your shoes are rubbing and you’re afraid of getting a blister (another common problem), you can use their rub strips. You just cut off the need length and stick it inside the shoe where it’s irritating your foot.

Use your blowdryer

This method seems to work best with flat-soled shoes, and even better with those crafted of leather, but this trick can be used with any pair you’re having a hard time breaking in. First, slip on a pair of thick, wool socks. This protects your feet from the heat and also stretches the shoes. Then, take a hair dryer and blast each foot with heat for 30 seconds, or until the shoes are noticeably warm. Kick back while your shoes cool completely, and when you take them off they should be molded to fit your foot.

Be smart!

Even though these tricks will help you make the most of uncomfortable shoes, it’s also important to make smart choices. Don’t wear five-inch heels if you’re going to be on your feet all day, and don’t wear thin, canvas flats if it’s supposed to rain. No trick will fix those problems!

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