How to Bring a New Cat Home and Get it Settled in

As a cat lover and a responsible pet owner, I’ve brought many new cats home to my house. Before you expand your household, whether you already have a cat or not, you need to know how to bring a new cat home and get it settled in.

The whole process is going to take time and patience on your part. Along with some necessary supplies for your new cat. It might take a number of days, weeks, or even months to get your new cat settled in. So, be patient and loving with him or her, and the adjustment will go smoother.

Your new cat should have a room or a secluded area to itself at first. If you don’t have a spare room you can use, simply section off part of an area in your house. Initially, the spare room or area should be away from all other pets.

In order to get a new cat home and get it settled in, place a litter box, water,
food, some cat toys, a scratching post, and a kitty bed or basket in his or her private area. (The litter box should be as far away as possible from its water and food bowls and bed or basket.) You should start out by using the same kind of cat food your new cat is used to eating. Its food will be familiar, and he or she will be more likely to eat.

The room or sectioned off area should be free of anything harmful to him or her. This includes sharp objects and toxic substances such as household cleaners,
insecticides, mouse or ant poison, drain cleaner, mothballs, et cetera.

Don’t be alarmed if your new cat refuses to eat at first. He or she needs some time to calm down and get adjusted to its new environment. If, however, the cat won’t eat in a day or two, you’ll need to take action. Entice it with some tuna fish. If that doesn’t work, you should call your veterinarian for further advice.

When you bring a new cat home and get it settled in, you may not know what amount of food you should feed your new cat. To find out, refer to the pet food label for portion recommendations.

Spend some personal time with your new family member inside its area. Speak to it in a low, reassuring voice, and handle it gently. When you bring a new cat home and get it settled in, you have to patiently teach it the rules of your home right from the start. On the flip side, though, your new cat will need to be praised for all of the good things it does too. Examples of good behavior includes using its litter box and scratching on the post instead of the furniture.

On down the road, once you bring a new cat home and get it settled in, you can use a small spray bottle filled with tap water to help discipline your cat. It’s an effective way to teach your cat to stay off of counters, tabletops, and more.

Play with your new cat using the toys if he or she will participate. Then, after awhile, leave the area and allow your new cat to get used to his or her new home.

If, by chance, you bring a new cat home and get it settled in, and it hasn’t had its shots and vaccinations, you should keep it away from your other cats. Otherwise, your current cats can catch ailments and diseases the new cat might have. Take your new cat to your veterinarian right away after you bring it home.
He or she should give it a physical exam to make sure it’s healthy and strong.

Once you’re ready to introduce your new cat to an existing one, pet the new cat first. Then, allow your existing cats to smell your hands. Then, do this with your existing cat and allow your new cat to smell your hands too. That will help your cats get used to each other’s scents.

Then, when you feel they’re ready to meet, slowly let your cats get to know one another. Keep your small spray bottle handy just in case you need to break up a fight. Now you know how to bring a new cat home and get it settled in.

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