How to Buy the Right Car Seat for Your Newborn

Buying a car seat for your newborn baby is more important than any other part of the baby shopping process. The first thing that you must do is buy your baby’s car seat about 6-7 months into your pregnancy. Regardless of what state you live in they all require that babies, infants and young children be properly harnessed in a vehicle. The best thing to do is start to compare the safety features of the car seats that you are considering to buy, also compare the prices, it’s important to have all of this stuff in order before the baby arrives. Buying a rear facing seat is a good idea as well. Children under 20 pounds and of one year of age should always ride in the backseat of your vehicle in a rear facing seat. Babies and infants have little necks so facing backward would be the safest position if you get into an accident.

Look for car seats that are easy to install, if you don’t install the car seat properly your child may not be restrained properly. Car seats with a five point harness belt are the best because they are safer, they restrain the shoulders, the thighs and the between the legs to prevent injury of your child, they are also much better then the simple plastic chest restraints on the belt. Another thing to consider when shopping for a car seat, is choosing the car seat style that you want. There are all kinds of styles of car seats available on the market today, they range from rear facing infant only car seats to convertible seats for infants and toddlers. Some things to consider when choosing the style of car seat that you want is, do you want a more permanent car seat or do you want an infant carrier? Today there are car seats that are complete travel systems for the car and the stroller and some toddler car seats can turn into booster seats, just choose the style that is right for you. But regardless of what style of car seat you choose still always remember to check the ease of installation of the seat and the safety standards. Prices for these types of car seats can range from $100.00-$500.00.

While safety is the most important thing to remember when buying a car seat, you should still look for a car seat that is easy to wash because they tend to get dirty very fast. Fabric that is attached to the car seat with screws are harder to remove then elastic or snaps. A car seat is with a lot of cushion is a good thing to, your child will be very comfortable while in the seat.

Once you find the car seat that is right for your child check the security of the car seat often by pulling on the main seat belt to make sure the seat is secured. Don’t ever put a child in the front seat of a car with an airbag, a small child can very easily be smothered by an airbag if an accident happens. Last but not least make sure the car seat makes you feel safe when your child is in it and make sure your child is comfortable in it.

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