How to Care for Your Deck Awning

Imagine sitting outside, sipping on an ice cold glass of lemonade while your deck awning protects you from the grueling sun. Deck Awnings are one of the most appreciated house accessory on the market today. They can turn any deck into a beautiful covered porch. You get the best of both worlds with a deck awning. You can sunbathe when you like and you can sit in the shade when you like. Simply it roll out and retract. In order to maintain your appreciated home accessory, there are some things you should always to do protect your deck awning.

Remove Mildew
Mildew is an unwelcome guest for any deck awning. It is ugly and has an unpleasant odor. Mildew is caused by pollen that sits in a damp, dark area for too long. It may sound backwards, but to prevent mildew, hose down your awning every week. Although this does get your awning moist, it will remove the pollen that creates the mildew. You should be sure to do this on a clear, sunny day. This will ensure your deck awning is completely dry before rolling it up towards the house. Be sure you do not use too harsh of detergents on your deck awning. These could break down the waterproofing materials that protect you from weather.

Limit Power
Washing A power washer can be a useful tool when it comes to vehicles. However, power washers are not so gentle on deck awnings. The extra water pressure caused by the power washer weakens the deck awning fabric. The water simply forces the weave open. It is best to leave the power washing to vehicles.

Penetrating Oil
Bird droppings and stains can be bothersome to deck awning owners. There is an easy way to rid of this problem. Use a spray of penetrating oil like WD-40 to rub the area. After the deck awning area is clean, rise it with clean water. Any remaining stain should be treated with mild detergent. Remember, do not over use detergent on your deck awning.

There is nothing more handy to a family than a deck awning. They are easy to install, enjoy, and maintain. Deck Awning maintenance is as easy as one, two, three: remove the mildew, limit any power washing, and use penetrating oil to remove bird droppings. Your deck awning will last for years to come by following these simple maintenance tips.

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