How to Choose an Air Cleaner

Nowadays, it can be confusing to the average consumer on how to choose an air cleaner. With the myriad of new technology and the wide variety of brands available, no wonder it can be a challenge to choose a good air cleaner. Here are some tips to assist you in choosing one.

The CADR Level

CADR stands for clean air delivery rate. It is usually represented by numbers. Technically speaking, the higher the number, the better the air cleaner as it indicates the filtration rate is high. On the manufacturer’s box, you should be able to see three numbers which indicate the volume of processed air for each of the three most common contaminants, namely, pollen, dust and smoke.

The MERV Rating

MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. The MERV rating gives a rough indication of the efficiency of the air filter. It is represented in numbers and usually the higher the number, the better. The MERV rating is a common standard used by most manufacturers, therefore you can use this rating to gauge the efficiency of an air cleaner. Generally speaking, you should aim for a MERV rating of between 6 to 12. By the way, the MERV rating scale is from 1 to 16. 1 is the lowest and 16 is the highest.

Original Equipment Air Filters

One of the consumable items you need to replace often is the air filter. Some manufacturers decided to produce cheap, generic air filters and other replacement parts for air cleaners. You need to decide if you want to replace your air filter with generic air filters or get one from the original manufacturer. Obviously, air filters from the original equipment manufacturer is more expensive but bear in mind it is of higher quality and also using generic air filter can affect the efficiency of your air cleaner in the long run.

For replacement parts, I would highly recommend getting them from the original manufacturer since they are of higher quality and usually has a guarantee after repair. Using generic replacement parts can damage your air cleaner in the long run.

If the cost is a big concern for you, then it might be better to go with a cheaper air cleaner. However, you would want to get the air filters and any replacement parts from the original manufacturer. Doing so will prolong the longevity and save you more money in the long run.

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