How to Clean Glass Fireplace Doors

Many people have glass fireplace doors, and like glass shower doors, they can be difficult to clean. Fireplace doors coated with soot don’t do anything for the appearance of a room, and what good is it to start a fire if you can’t see it behind the glass? Cleaning fireplace doors can be a messy job, and it’s important that abrasives aren’t used since they can scratch glass. Unfortunately, ordinary glass cleaners meant for regular windows usually won’t cut through layers of baked-on soot.

Those who have glass fireplace doors can try the following safe and easy methods to clean their doors and enjoy watching the dancing flames of a beautiful fire on a cold fall or winter night. These are methods used by people who keep their glass fireplace doors sparkling clean, and they’ve found success with these simple household products, natural remedies, and a little elbow grease.

Fight Ashes With Ashes

It’s hard to believe that fireplace ashes would remove black soot from glass fireplace doors, but many people swear by this method of cleaning. Wad a sheet of newspaper into a ball, and slightly dampen it with water. Dip the newspaper in ashes, and use it to wipe away soot and grime. Repeat the process if necessary.

Household Ammonia

Ammonia is a fantastic product that’s great for a number of cleaning purposes, and it’s very inexpensive compared to name-brand cleaners that may or may not work. Next time you need to clean your glass fireplace doors, try ordinary household ammonia and a damp rag. Be sure to provide adequate ventilation, and remember to never mix the ammonia with any other household cleaners.

A Flat Razor Blade

If layers of soot are baked, consider using a flat razor blade to scrape it off. Use masking tape or duct tape to completely cover one side of a flat razor blade (not a utility knife), and carefully begin scraping the soot off the glass beginning at one corner. As long as the razor blade is used at a sharp angle, almost flat against the surface, it shouldn’t scratch the glass.

Check Your Local Fireplace Store

Fireplace stores carry glass door cleaners that work very well to remove soot, even after it’s baked on. Visit your local fireplace store, or search online to find a product to clean your glass doors. My aunt purchased a product that was simply called Glass Cleaner from the store where she bought her fireplace, and she said it does a fantastic job. She highly recommends using this product to regularly clean glass fireplace doors.

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