How to Clean Silk Rugs

Different rugs require different cleaning methods and techniques. You can’t clean a silk rug the same way you would clean a wool rug. Silk is a very sturdy natural fiber and people love how it shines when the light hits it just right; however, it can lose its strength if it gets too wet. So it’s very important to make sure you’re cleaning it correctly.

Using abrasive cleaning solutions which contain harsh chemicals, hot water, or steam can damage the silk fibers. If possible, you should have a professional clean your silk rugs. But if you follow the tips I’m going to tell you, you can clean your silk rugs without worrying about damaging them.

Getting rid of dust and debris

  • You can use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from your silk rugs. Beater brushes or rollers are not good to use because they can pull out the rug fibers, so make sure you use a brush-less vacuum cleaner.
  • A broom can be used to sweep a silk rug. Gently sweep the rug to remove debris but make sure you don’t sweep too roughly or you risk removing some of the fibers.
  • Shaking your rugs is a great way to remove dust and debris because you aren’t rubbing anything on it. This will also help air out your rugs and keep them from smelling.

Removing liquid spills

  • If you spill a liquid on your silk rug, use a clean towel and dab it on the stained area with pressure to remove any liquid that has soaked into the rug.
  • If the liquid you spilled on your rug is colored, you should only use club soda to help remove the stain. Put the soda on a clean towel and blot the stains. Then you should use a dry towel to blot the stain to remove and excess moisture. Never place your rug inside a laundry dryer. Instead, a fan is great for drying out your rub.
  • You can also use a water and vinegar solution to remove stains from your silk rug. Mix together an equal amount of white vinegar and water, and then pour some of it on a towel and blot the stains until they are gone.
  • Remember to never use a commercial rug cleaner on your silk rugs, because they can cause discoloration and/or the silk fibers to fall out.

If you follow the tips in this article and you still have stains on your silk rug that aren’t coming out, you should call a professional for help. I learned everything I know about cleaning silk rugs from the Yilong Silk Rug website, so if you’re looking for even more silk rug cleaning tips, be sure to check there too.

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