How to Clean Using Vinegar, Crock-Pots, Pantyhose and More

Every house has things such as vinegar, Crock-Pots, pantyhose or shredded paper. What you might not know is that you can use these items in ways never before imagined. For example, did you know you can use vinegar as a clarifying hair conditioner? In this article, we’ll show you new and creative ways to use old stuff lying around your house. Great shortcuts and tips for cleaning and decorating with items that you always have with you!

New Way to Use Pantyhose to Clean: Pantyhose are soft and very fine, perfect for cleaning delicate things such as eyeglasses and sunglasses. Now you have a use for old pantyhose! Old pantyhose also are perfect for rubbing lint off of candles, vases, glasses and the like.

New Way to Use Vinegar:

Vinegar is a common kitchen item, but it has many uses outside of the kitchen! Sure, you can use it in recipes and such–did you know that you can substitute vinegar for lemon juice?–but you can also use it as an all-natural weed killer (just put it in a bottle and spray it on those pesky garden weeds). It’s also a great addition for your laundry: pour a few caps of white vinegar into your laundry washing machine’s rinse cycle to make your clothes nice and soft! We could go on and on about the uses of vinegar, but we’ll leave you with one last suggestion: vinegar is an amazing and natural way to clean your dishes, get rid of stains, and clean your shoes.

New Way to Use a Hair Straightener to Iron Clothes and Get Rid of Candle Wax Stains: A few days ago, I dripped some candle wax on my Armani dress shirt. Candle wax is one of the worst stains to get rid of, because they don’t just wash out. To get candle wax off, use your hair straightener hair iron! Get a thick sheet of paper towel and place it on the candle stain, then run your hair straightener over it. The heat from the hair iron will melt the wax, which will then be absorbed into the paper towel. A hair straightener is also the perfect size to touch up your ironing jobs and is great for ironing wrinkles out of collars and shirt sleeve cuffs.

New Way to Use Baking Soda: You’ve long known that baking soda is a great deodorizer. Open a box, stick it in your fridge, and it will keep everything smelling fresh and clean. It’s also great for polishing your teeth when mixed with toothpaste, and making those pearly whites that nice, white color you want. And what baking soda can do for your teeth, it can also do for your silverware. You see, baking soda reacts chemically to silver tarnish. Mix some baking soda with salt and hot water, and simply immerse your silver dishes and silverware into it to get that tarnish off!

New Way to Use Ice Cubes: Stale bread? No problem! Take the loaf of bread out, and rub ice cubes over the entire piece of bread until the outer crust is wet (this won’t work on sliced bread). Then, bake the bread in the oven. The moisture from the ice cubes will moisten the bread, while the baking will take out the staleness. Almost as good as a fresh loaf of thick, crunchy homemade bread!

New Way to Use Office Paper Shreddings: Many home offices have piles of shredded paper. Instead of just tossing it, use it as compost, or even as a base to raise a batch of worms for your garden. Mix with soil, keep moist, and you’ve got some great additions to your garden. It’s earth friendly, and you can even view it as an additional measure to keep identity theft at bay. Just make sure you don’t use any glossy paper, paper with plastic (such as those office envelopes with the plastic windows), or staples and heavy adhesive.

New Way to Use Your Crock-Pot: You’ve often used your crock pot to cook stews, soups and other meals while you were away. It’s also good for making hot drinks like apple cider, and keeping them warm throughout the night. What you might not have known is that crock pots are good at more than just stew. You can use your crock pot to bake the best cake you’ve ever had! Simply mix your cake batter and pour it into your crock pot, then cook it on low for three hours. It’ll come out moist and fluffy. Mmmm!

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