How to Clean Your House Using Socks and Liquid Dish Soap

Every one gets holes in their socks and looks at them in confusion thinking there must be a greater purpose. Wait don’t throw them out just yet! I can help you save time and money with those little foot coverings and a little soap! Racing around in the morning, cooking breakfast or a leftover plate and cup from the night before, go grab an old pair of socks. Fill your sink or wash bucket (I use an old mixing bowl) with warm water and a little dish liquid like usual. Wash the dishes with one sock and use the other sock to dry.

We’ll start with the kitchen first. Wash all dishes using one sock for wet and one to dry. Then, I do all the appliances and countertops wet sock in right the hand and dry sock in the left. A quick wipe everything leads to a clean kitchen in no time. Of course, you may have more or less to clean but a positive experience will result from this.

Next, I dust the living room and bedroom with the “wet and dry” method. I usually do my coffee table, windows, bed lamps, TV, basically the whole house. The best thing is dish soap is safe on just about everything and leaves mirrors sparkling. It’s also cheap and cheerful at a dollar or so a bottle. No need for multiple cleaning liquids and expensive cloth towels. Paper towels that disappear the moment you turn around are no longer a worry!

Lastly, I head to the bathroom where I wipe the sink, counter, and tub. Sometimes, I even wipe the tub right before I get out of the shower. Talk about saving time! I save the toilet for last, so I can toss the socks in the hamper. All that needs done is the laundry at this point. I use regular laundry for that, surprisingly! Now that doesn’t sounds so hard does it? Go impress your friends with these tips and tricks!

Here are some other tips and tricks for socks and dish liquid:
1. Put sock on mop or broom handle to reach cobwebs on the ceiling..
2. Place a few drops of dish soap in a burnt pan. Bring soap and some water to a boil. Remove the debris easliy!
3. Remember to wipe out your dryer lint, because access dryer lint can cause a fire.
4. A little soap on a mosquito bite will take care of the itching.

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