How to Clean Your House with Baby Products

Here are some household tips and tricks that after reading, may make you say ‘hmmm’. All of the following tips will primarily use baby products that you may already have around the house including baby wipes, baby powder, and baby oil. Even if you don’t have babies in the house these are products that might be handy to keep around.

First of all I’ve heard that when you have a stain on the carpet whether it be blood, wine, or many other substances, a baby wipe will take it up. You may have to use a couple before you get the whole stain out, but it will come out. Now I don’t know about you but I use baby wipes on a baby’s bottom and the fact that they’re strong enough to remove tough stains from carpets leaves me a little concerned about those bottoms! Are they really as gentle as they claim to be?

How about putting baby powder in with your kitty litter? The fresh scent of the powder will help cover up the scent left behind by those precious cats. Just sprinkle in some baby powder anytime you change your cat’s litter box and mix it in a little bit.

Baby powder is also great for grease stains on clothing. Everyone has done it so don’t be ashamed when you spill or splatter some sort of grease on yourself while eating. Don’t throw your shirt immediately into the washing machine though! Instead, sprinkle baby powder over the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. Brush the powder away and see that it absorbed the grease, now wash the shirt and it’ll look great.

Another unusual cleaning product is baby oil. When you’re cleaning your bathroom and have stubborn stains on your tile or chrome fixtures that won’t come clean with your everyday bathroom cleaners, take a cloth diaper (or any other soft cloth) and wipe baby oil over the stains. It will not only remove the stain but it will also leave the chrome sparkling. Just a little note however, do not use baby oil on shower floor surfaces as it will leave a slippery residue, it is best to stick to faucet fixtures and tiled walls.

One last cleaning tip that makes use of every day baby products is a mixture for cleaning linoleum or vinyl flooring. Prepare the cleaning water as you usually would but add a capful of baby oil to the mixture. This oil will add a shine to the floor and it will also preserve the flooring by creating a slight film.

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