How to Clean Your Stove Thoroughly

Cleaning your stove can be one of the most stressful tasks to do in your household. So you want to clean your stove. It can get really messy if you do not know what you are doing. So here I have gathered some of my personal experience of cleaning stoves.

Turn Off and remove-
Start by turning off your gas. Then you will want to remove the electricity. You will be moving it around to clean it better. Once you have disconnected all of its mechanics, you can now begin to remove everything that is on it. This means dishes you have placed on there, and other decorative(or not)items that you have on there. Remove all knobs and turn handles on your stove. Most of them come off if you give them a tug.

Obtaining and Working the oven cleaners-
First you have to go out and buy the things that you need to clean the oven with. Remember that you will be needing a fresh set of gloves. Once you have obtained all the things that you need, begin to set up your work area. Whether you will be using tons of cheap paper towels or newspaper, lay them out around your area accordingly. Now you are ready to apply oven cleaner. Read the instructions thoroughly. Make sure you know how much time you will let the cleaner sit. You apply the oven cleaner. You now let it sit. Once the time is up, you now want to get a bucket of water. You will also be needing a large rag or sponge but I recommend a large rag. Make sure you are not dressed in anything you care about and also protect your hair.

Using De greasers-
De greasers are essentials to cleaning your stove. Degrease will remove all the grease from your oven and food trays. Make sure you apply some degrease into the bucket of warm water. I have also found that adding a tad bit of fantastic will also help the solution. You can also directly spray fantastic. For real tough to get spot you might want to soak with your solution let it sit and soak. Make sure that it is always moist and actively working on the tough spot. You can now return to it after 12 hours or so. Return with your bucket and steel scrub. Remove all nasty residue and tough nasty spots. You can now spray any small spots directly. Remove them. Now you can wash thoroughly with warm water.

Dry and Reassemble-
This is the final part of the process. It dries. Now is your chance you clean all your knobs and accessories. Once you have cleaned all of your accessories, you can now put them back. You now have a clean stove. Make sure to try and keep it clean because you now know the stress of cleaning a stove.

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