How to Clean a Coffee Grinder Without Damaging the Blades

If your coffee grinder isn’t working as well as it used to it could be because old grounds are clogging it up. Use this simple method for clearing old coffee grounds out of your coffee grinder without damaging the blades.

What You Need to Clean a Coffee Grinder

The only thing you need to clean a coffee grinder is a stale piece of white bread, your coffee grinder and a kitchen towel. This is a very easy way to clean all of those old grounds out of your coffee grinder.

What Not to Do When You Clean a Coffee Grinder

When you clean a coffee grinder, do not put it in the dishwasher or wash it in the sink with water. It will be very hard to dry and it will make the grounds stick together and clump. It’s not very much fun cleaning clumps of wet coffee grounds out of a coffee grinder. I learned this the hard way.

How to Clean a Coffee Grinder – Step #1

The first step you’ll take to clean a coffee grinder is to pinch off a small piece of dry, stale, white bread. If it isn’t dry, you can leave it sitting out on the counter for five or ten minutes. That should dry it up enough to use for this application. It should not be any bigger than the size of your thumb. We don’t want to clog the coffee grinder with bread so don’t put too much in.

How to Clean a Coffee Grinder – Step #2

The next step to clean a coffee grinder is to grind the stale bread for about ten seconds. Make sure the bread has been ground to approximately the same size as coffee grounds. When you open the coffee grinder, you’ll be amazed at how many old coffee grounds the bread has coaxed out of various hiding places.

How to Clean a Coffee Grinder – Step #3

There’s only one thing left to do. Dump the old grounds and stale bread out of the coffee grinder and then wipe the inside clean with a kitchen towel or some other soft, cotton cloth. Always make sure you unplug the grinder before wiping it out to avoid any accidents. Now, your coffee grinder will be as good and clean as new.

How to Clean a Coffee Grinder – Other Tips

Another option for cleaning a coffee grinder is to purchase a coffee grinder brush. This small brush cleans between blades and in crevices to easily remove grounds after each use. However, it won’t get everything so you still might have to perform a good bread cleaning every now and again.

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