How to Clean a Messy Room Quickly

Sometimes cleaning a room can be overwhelming, especially when there’s tons of clutter everywhere and you just don’t know where to start. Yet cleaning a messy room can become a lot simpler and can be done quickly when you have a plan before you even start.

1.Mentally Divide Up a Room – If you have a messy room and you decide to clean it without having any structure or system in place it’s going to be very easy for you to feel overwhelmed, tired, or annoyed with your task, because of all the chaos and clutter.

It’s so much easier to tackle a room when you mentally divide up the area into four or five small spaces. Decide on which space you’re going to clean first, and then clean it thoroughly before moving on to the next space. This enables you to not only clean more of your space quickly, but it gives you a better pay off because you’ll see faster results. When you clean randomly picking off a couple of items off of the floor, then a few items off of a bed, and one item off a desk, you have to think more and so it takes up more time and energy, and you don’t see what you’re accomplishing until the very end.

2. Put Items That Have a Place, In Their Place – The first items you should immediately move from the space you’re cleaning are the one’s that already have designated spaces that they belong to. If you know a book belongs on your shelf move it there when it’s in one of your divided areas. Items that weren’t put back in their proper spaces, will take up the majority of your cleaning and when you put most of these back first the room you’re cleaning will begin to look better immediately, and it won’t take a lot of mental energy from you to get that way.

3. Save The Items That Don’t Have A Place For Last – In order to clean a room as quickly and as easily as possible set the items that don’t have a designated space that they belong to, or items that you’re unsure of whether you want to keep or not, off to the side of your room. This, again, will keep you from getting stressed or slowing down when you’re cleaning the majority of the room. When you’re done with cleaning the entire room, move on to the items that don’t have a proper place, and take a minute or so to decide the best place for each item depending on it’s size and it’s purpose.

When you decide on it, place it there. If there’s something you no longer want but is still useful or in good condition make plans to give it away to someone you know or to donate it within that week so that it doesn’t find its way back on your floor or cluttering up your room. If it’s no longer useful and you don’t want it, recycle or trash it.

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