How to Clean a Toilet Properly

Keeping the toilet clean is the very least anyone can do in the bathroom to make sure the whole room stays fresh. You will need a good quality toilet bowl cleaner, such as Lysol or Clorox, a pair of rubber gloves, a clean cloth or sponge that is only used to clean the bathroom, a toilet brush and just a few minutes of your time. Here is what you need to keep in mind when cleaning a toilet.

How to Clean a Toilet Properly: Toilet Handle

The toilet handle can easily be overlooked when cleaning the toilet bowl and ensuring that it is clean. But think of the steady stream of people who use your toilet on a daily basis. Most people flush the toilet before washing their hands, meaning that there are germs and bacteria on people’s hands as they touch the toilet handle. That is why it is important to pay close attention to the toilet handle and make sure that it is kept clean.

How to Clean a Toilet Properly: Toilet Seat

The toilet seat needs to be cleaned regularly, not just when it is visibly in need of attention, such as when a young child is being potty trained. Make sure it is disinfected regularly, to also include underneath the toilet seat and around the rim of the toilet.

How to Clean a Toilet Properly: The Bottom of the Toilet Seat

The bottom of the toilet seat also requires some attention. Clean all the way around the bottom of the toilet, including the hard to reach areas. The areas that are not seen the most can collect a lot of dust, so it is a good idea to clean these areas too. A toilet that has a clean toilet bowl and toilet seat will still look dirty if dust has been allowed to gather.

How to Clean a Toilet Properly: The Cistern

A toilet will look much fresher and cleaner if all visible parts of the toilet are cleaned and that includes the cistern. Make it a habit of always wiping down the toilet. It will be sanitised and look brighter.

It is important for your family’s health to maintain a clean toilet clean in your bathroom. It should not take up much of your time. A toilet can be easily maintained if it is cleaned on a regular basis, meaning it will just need quick touch ups rather than a lot of through cleaning.

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