How to Clean an Apartment or House when Moving in: The Kitchen

When you move into an apartment or house the first thing that you are going to do is clean everything. The overall cleanliness of the apartment or house should pretty good, as landlords often have cleaned the place in order to show and rent it. However sometimes taking the step to get every sanitized will help you rest assured when you begin to unpack and live in the apartment or house.


You will want to take a damp dish towel and clean the cabinet shelves with a water and bleach solution so you don’t have to worry about anything when you set your dishes and food in the cabinets.


Just as you did with the cabinet shelves you will want to clean the inside of the drawers in the kitchen the same way.


You will want to disinfect the range, you won’t need to take the burners apart to clean under the burner rings or broiler pans, any spill over that had happen before you moved should be cleaned up. The area that you will want to be sure to clean is the area of the range that you will be setting food, dishes or utensils on.


If for some reason there is spill over in the oven all you need to do is turn the oven on high long enough so the spill over burns and then it will be easier to clean off, you won’t have to disinfect the stove racks unless you plan to cook food, such as some pizzas and potatoes, directly on them and the high temperature should kill any germs.


Just like the cabinets you will want to use a solution to disinfect the counters in the kitchen. Be sure that the solution that you are going to use won’t discolor the counter tops.


Ajax or Comet are the perfect thing to use when you are cleaning a kitchen sink.


Just like the counters you can quickly clean out the fridge by running a wet dish towel over the shelves and inside the refrigerator drawers.


If you feel that you want to clean the inside of the dishwasher, sprinkle one to two cups of baking soda on the bottom and pour some distilled vinegar on to the baking soda. Then run the dishwasher though a standard washing and rinsing cycle.

Kitchen Floors

Sweep and mop the floors with the solution that you cleaned the kitchen counters and kitchen cabinets with.

Once you clean the kitchen you will be able to put away all of the food and dishes that you own and feel good about the clean environment that you can cook in.

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