How to Clean and Care for Marble

Marble is a beautiful surface for floors, table tops, counters, and other areas and items around your home. As marble is easily stained and scratched, you should know the basics of cleaning and caring for your marble surfaces.

Prevention is the key to caring for the marble in your home. Marble can be sealed with marble sealer to prevent most stains. Anything spilled on marble should be immediately wiped up, and coasters can be placed under glasses to prevent water rings. Use throw rugs in highly trafficked areas of your floor, and avoid dragging anything across a marble surface unprotected, like furniture, to prevent scuffs and scratches.

To clean marble, there are various methods for different types of stains. To prevent a build-up of dirt and oils, vacuum every day, and mop with clean water weekly. You can spot clean as needed with a damp cloth. Remember to dry marble surfaces thoroughly after each time you mop. For heavier dirt, clean with dry borax and a damp cloth, and buff the marble dry. There are self-polishing marble cleaners on the market that are safe to use as well.

Occasionally you will need to do a major cleaning of your marble. At these times, you will first need to strip of any old wax with a wax remover. Make sure the wax remover is one appropriate for using on marble. Next, wash the marble and make sure it is all the way dry before resealing and waxing.

To remove stains from organic materials like food or coffee, mix chalk dust and hydrogen peroxide into a paste, and apply the paste to the stain. Cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit over night. The plastic wrap can be taped down to keep it in place over the stain. Sponge the area clean, and then dry. For grease stains, use a paste of chalk dust and acetone, and treat in the same manner as the organic stains.

Rust can be removed with a liquid rust remover. Apply the remover, and leave for a few hours under the plastic wrap. If the rust remover doesn’t completely do the job, you can treat it with the same peroxide paste you used for organic stains.

Sometimes the removal of stains will dull the surface of your marble. In this case, a marble polishing powder can be used to bring back the marble’s luster. First, wet the area with clean water, and sprinkle on the powder. The marble can then be buffed with an electric buffer, or buffed by hand with a thick soft cloth.
Window and door sills are harder to clean, but with care, can be cleaned with the same basic steps as floors or counter tops.

Prevention of stains and wear will be the easiest way to care for your marble surfaces properly. Following the proper steps to keeping it clean will result in less deep cleaning in the long run. Follow these tips and you will satisfied with the appearance and shine of the marble around your home.

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