How to Cook a Lobster Dinner

A lobster dinner can be prepared several different ways depending on how you like it done. You can boil, grill or steam the lobster when you are going to cook it. When deciding to cook a lobster dinner you should remember that you are using a live lobster. This may assist you in making your decision on which method to use.

The easiest way to cook a lobster dinner, especially if having to cook the crustacean alive makes you uncomfortable, is to boil it. Leave the elastics on the claws until the lobster is cooked. If you are boiling more than one, they could hurt each other, or you, when you put them in the pot. You need a large pot to cook your lobster dinner. It should be able to hold at least twenty quarts of water. Put the lobsters in and boil for about twenty minutes. Once they are cooked remove them, and serve your lobster dinner along with some melted butter and pepper.

If you prefer to cook your lobster dinner grilled than you better be prepared to take a large knife and cut the lobster down the middle before you cook it. Some people suggest you do this with the animal still alive to get a superior taste. Others will boil it first before grilling their lobster dinner. You choose, but if you do it with the animal alive you must make sure to leave the claws in the elastic bands as you may get snapped at as you’re cutting it open.

Once the lobster is cut, baste it with melted butter and pepper. Some people use a mixture of herbs, so basically when you cook your lobster dinner; you season it to your taste. Grill for ten minutes. When serving your lobster dinner accent it with a nice bottle of champagne. You can make this lobster dinner the beginnings of a romantic evening.

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