How to Cool a Fish Tank Down

The temperature in the fish tank has risen a few degrees since the last time you checked it but its still not hot enough to become a life threatening situation for the fish. You wait a few hours and check the temperature again it’s a degree hotter. You check back later and the temperature is the same. It hasn’t lowered.

The temperature of the water in the fish tank can fluctuate but by setting the water heater to the temperature that you would like it to stay at it is monitored. By adjusting the setting on the water heater you can lower the temperature of the water should it start to get too hot.

Once the setting has been adjusted it can take a little while to lower the temperature of the water and sometimes it doesn’t seem to lower the temperature fast enough. In situations where the water is way above the comfortable livable condition of fish it can be critical to lower it as quickly as possible.

There are signs that the water in the tank is getting hot even before you check the temperature. Fish will appear nervous. They will swim faster than normal repeatedly through the water. If the lid on the tank is open they may try to jump out. Sometimes the fish will appear sluggish almost lifeless. Fish may lose their appetite and stop eating. If you see fish acting strangely or out of character check the water temperature.

To help lower the water temperature once the setting on the water heater has been adjusted try doing the following.

Raise the lid.

If you have a lid on the top of your fish tank and it is closed open it up immediately. This will allow some of the heat to escape. If you have fish that will jump out of the fish tank be sure to stay in the room and keep an eye on them. Once the water has cooled down you can shut the lid.

Turn off the lights.

If you have lights in the fish tank, usually in the lid, turn them off. The lights will throw off heat and keep the tank warmer.

Turn on the fan and air conditioner. If it’s cool outside open a few windows.

Sit a portable fan in front of the fish tank and turn it on. Let it blow air on the glass. If the tank is sitting in front of an air conditioner turn it on and the let the cool air hit it. If your fish tank isn’t near an air conditioner that’s all right you can still turn an air conditioner on in another room. Make sure all the doors are open in the house to allow the cool air to circulate. If its cool outside open a few windows in the room where the fish tank is.

Add/Remove water.

Do as you normally would when preparing water for a fish tank and prepare a half-gallon or gallon of water, using cold water from the tap, add chlorine remover to cool water and pour it in the fish tank. If the tank has enough water and adding some could cause it to overflow remove some of the hot water from the tank and then pour in the cool water.

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