How to Create a Beautiful Container Garden

There are many reasons that people choose to garden in containers. Perhaps you have limited room. Or maybe you are living in a rented apartment or house. Container gardening is also great if you are unable to kneel or are in a wheelchair. Even if you have a garden already, containers can accent and enhance the things you have planted in the ground. What ever the reason you have for choosing container gardening you can be successful.

The first step to having a successful container garden is to choose your containers. There are a variety of pots to choose from. You can buy plastic or clay pots and these are relatively inexpensive. You could also use wooden planter boxes. You can purchase these or you could make your own. If you have old barrels or washtubs you could use those. Buckets also work well they can add personality to your garden. What ever you choose to use, make sure that they are deep enough to allow good growth but are not so heavy that you won’t be able to move them. Make sure also that you put drain holes in the bottom of your containers. Plastic pots tend to hold water longer so if your summers are hot and dry this might be an option you should consider. If your climate is humid you could use clay pots which are more porous. This will make it less likely that your plants will be overwatered. Now that you have your containers it is time to fill them up.

You might be asking what should I put in my container garden? Just about anything you can grow in the ground can be grown in your container garden as long as the growning conditions are right. You can plant several types of plants in one container or you can plant each one individually and group the containers together. Be creative with your garden .

Combine diffrent flowers and see how it looks. Do you like it? Your imagination is the key to a beautiful garden. A good rule is to plant a variety of flowers that have a long blooming season along with something that has attractive foliage. There are a variety of annuls, ( plants that live and die in one season) and perennials ( plants that live and grow for several seasons) that can be used in your container garden. Even bulbs such as tulips and daffodils can be grown in containers. Mix and match till you find a combination that pleases you. Keep in mind that you should put things together that have similar needs, such as water, sun, or shade.

Caring for your container garden is not difficult. One key to successful gardening is the right amount of water. Using potting soil or soil and peat moss in your containers will help to hold water so that your plants get what they need. Water your containers regularly. Some may need to be watered everyday and others perhaps every other day. Get to know the needs of your garden and then schedule regular watering times that fit these needs. Fertilizer is also a key to successful container gardening. Because of the limited rooting space, plants in containers need more fertilizer. There are many diffrent kinds of commercial fertilizer. After you choose one, read the instructions to find out how much and how often you should apply it. Keeping your garden healthy is not hard. Keep an eye on your plants and you will be able to see if they are healthy. If you keep them watered and fertilized your container garden should be beautiful.

Container gardening is a wonderful way to garden. You can be successful. Enjoy the beauty and versatility of container gardening today.

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