How to Create a Vision Board to Attract Anything

Creating a vision board can be one of the most potent instruments you can use when it relates to the law of attraction. This vision board can be as simple as a poster to tack on your wall. It does not have to be complicated at all. The purpose of the vision board is to bring a reminder to your subconscious of your intentions as you see the board every day. It will reinforce the intentions that you are sending out into the universe. Okay, that takes care of the why. So, what is a vision board and how do you go about making one?

The start off, you need to obtain a medium to large corkboard or just a large poster board. Whatever size strikes you is okay. If you have poster board, basic white is fine, but again that would be up to you whether or not to use color. Next, gather old newspapers or magazines and start looking at the pictures. You are looking for pictures that match what you’re trying to attract. If you want that sports car, cut out a picture of exactly the one you want. Be specific! Getting the pictures as close as you can to what you really want is important for a positive outcome. Go through old photo albums for ideas and even use these as picture representatives of what you desire. If a friend has the vehicle you have your heart set on, take a picture of it in front of your house!

After you have all the pictures you think you need, start taping them on the poster board or use thumbtacks and put them on your corkboard. Whatever works for you is okay. After you get the pictures on your board, try putting labels on the pictures. If you want a beach house and have the perfect picture of what you desire, write a simple label like “My Beach House” in bold letters. Arrange the pictures in whatever way pleases you. Angle them, line them up, it doesn’t matter so long as the pictures represent what you’re interested in attracting. Once you get going on this idea, you may even make more than one vision board.

Next, find a spot on your wall where you will see this poster often and hang it there. Maybe your bedroom door before you leave for the day. Really look at your poster when it does capture your notice. Don’t just think about how nice it would be, but how nice it IS to have what you want. Even if you pass the poster without noticing it much, your subconscious will pick up on it. It is easier to manifest what you desire when your subconscious is processing at the same time.

Finally, feel joy when you see your poster. Get excited about the things you will manifest in your life. Getting excited will bring things about faster, especially if you do this on a daily basis. Visualize your desires with the help of your vision board and you will see good things coming to you faster than you thought could happen.

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