How to Cure a Hangover

It was a late night, and you drank way too much. While hangovers can be prevented, there are ways to help heal the body.

Dehydrated – Drink Water to Cure a Hangover

Drinking so much alcohol really dehydrates your body. Try drinking water or a sports drink and adding water to your body. This will help with much of the nausea.

Don’t drink anything too hot or too cold. This sudden shock will only add more pain to your stomach.

You may see people giving coffee to people with hangovers in the movies. This is a bad idea. The coffee that is hot will only make you feel sick. Coffee will also only dehydrate you further. Avoid coffee altogether.

Take aspirin or any over the counter pain reliever to get rid of your headaches as soon as possible. Take only as recommended on the back of the bottle.

Whatever you take for pain relief, do not take anything containing acetaminophen, often found in Tylenol. This can severely damage your liver if taken after ingesting alcohol.

Don’t Eat Hard to Digest Foods To Cure a Hangover

When you feel ready, try a bit of dry toast or crackers with your water. Filling your stomach with foods will actually help settle your stomach. If you can, try a soft fruit like banana, but only fresh fruit and avoid canned fruit for now.

Completely avoid milk, eggs or soda. These things are harder to digest and will make you feel sick again.

Sleep can be the best cure for a hangover. If you can’t sleep, try to relax your body as much as possible. Only move when you are ready.

In all, the best way to cure a hang over is to not drink too much but if this has already happened, try the tips above. You may find your hangover gone within a few hours.

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