How to Customize a Sport Mouthpiece

Unless professional, amateur or hobbying sport players take the time to actually visit a dentist to have personal mouthpieces constructed, there’s no ‘one’ mouthpiece that will fit 100% perfect into their mouths.

Sporting good stores such as: Dick’s, Sports Authority, and Modell’s offer mouthpieces of varying differences; top/bottom coverage, top only, big, small and wide, to handle the largely overbites or support the most fragile bites.

If you just purchased a mouthpiece and discover difficulty with a decent fit, try these simple suggestions.

Ã?· Upon opening the pack, try biting down very gently to get a feel for the mouthpiece size and style. If necessary, you may have to eventually trim it along it’s guide indentations. Some mouthpieces are just crafted largely, so you may have to do this. If you still experience problems after doing this, read along to the second suggestion.

�· Heat a pot or cup of warm water that can fully submerge the mouthpiece. Make sure the water is fairly hot before submerging the mouthpiece. Obtain a second container with cold water.

�· Submerge the mouthpiece gently into the boiling water, only leaving it there for 12-14 seconds. Remove the mouthpiece and submerge it into the cold water for 2-5 seconds. Do not leave the mouthpiece in the boiling water longer than 15 seconds or it may become distorted.

�· Quickly dry the mouthpiece and insert it into your mouth.

�· Gently mold the mouthpiece to your teeth and gums by pressing it with your teeth and biting on it. Suck on the mouthpiece to mold it to the front of your teeth. Do this steadily for at least one minute or so.

�· Take out the mouthpiece and allow it to cool in cold water for one minute.

�· Check the fit of the mouthpiece, if the fit still feels uncomfortable reread and follow these directions from step 2.

�· Once finished using the mouthpiece, rinse it in cold water or mouthwash and place it in a plastic container.

Your mouthpiece should fit comfortably; surrounding the entire area of the gums and teeth. If after several tries, the mouthpiece still seems ineffective try obtaining a new one, perhaps a different brand or style. Not every mouthpiece is capable of being customize to any person’s mouth.

Safety & Warning Hazards:

Ã?· Never use a mouthpiece that doesn’t fit properly or feel comfortable. As a result, the mouthpiece is ineffective and will not be able to protect your mouth.

�· Do not share mouthpieces with anyone. That mouthpiece is strictly designed for your face only.

�· After using your mouthpiece, be sure to place it in a safe container to prevent it from bacteria or airborne particles.

�· If involved in a contact sport, bite down firmly on your mouthpiece to get the maximum protection needed.

�· Mouthpieces do not come a dime a dozen, in fact they can be very difficult to conform to your teeth and gums. Be mindful of where you place it.

�· Do not sleep with your mouthpiece in.

�· Sanitizing your mouthpiece after use can prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases that can be harmful to you. Thus, increasing the quality and lifespan of your mouthpiece.

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