How to Deal with Pet Stained Carpets

I have grown up with pets of all types and all sizes. From a guinea pig to a Great Dane weighing over 120 pounds. The one thing that remains consistent with owning pets is that stains and accidents are guaranteed to happen.

I currently have the company of a dog and cat, and although they are trained, there have been several accidents over the past year. Although we have several products we use on a regular basis, many stains go unnoticed due to the color of our carpet and cause permanent damage. We are now considering a professional cleaning.

I reached out to a professional to get feedback on how to clean pet stains and odors out of carpets and how to know if a professional cleaning is necessary.

Nola Carpet Cleaning is a New Orleans company owned by Jonathan Brister, whose father started the business over 50 years ago. To answer questions about pet stains and cleaning carpets and furniture, I interview owner Jonathan Brister.

Michael Luchies: What can pet owners do to limit damage done to their carpets?

Jonathan Brister: The easiest way to limit damage is to prevent it. Allow access to the routine outdoor space that the animal performs restroom habits. The more convenient, the faster the training process will occur in a new environment.

ML: What are some products that you would recommend to the average consumer who deals with pet stains?

JB: Do to the variety of textiles produced; there is not a cure all product. Many products will void manufacturers’ warranties. All consumers should consult the dealer where the textile was purchased, a certified inspector, or a certified cleaner.

ML: Are pet odors and stains the biggest issue that Nola Carpet Cleaning deals with on a regular basis?

JB: Yes. About 50% of the carpet cleaning we do is pet related, 30% is related to new move-ins, and 20% is yearly maintenance.

ML: Do you encounter carpets that are beyond repair due to odors and stains?

JB: The main issue is the type of fabric that is damaged. Odors and stains can always be rectified on water cleanable textiles. However, dry clean only fabrics, rope based textiles or wood flooring may be permanently damaged in some extreme cases.

ML: How can someone determine if they need their carpet professionally cleaned instead of trying to fix the problem themselves?

JB: I have been cleaning professionally for over 15 years and have never seen a pH listed on consumer products. Any 5th generation nylon, wool, cotton, or other fiber will have specific pH ranges for safe cleaning without damage. The only 100% safe way for consumers to treat their own textiles would be through analyzing product specifications and proficiency in the interpretation of applicable MSDS. This is just the water based materials. Many cleaning agents have solvents included which may harm the integrity of the fiber as well.

ML: What other advice would you give to pet owners with carpeted floors?

JB: We all love out pets and we all invest in our homes, when accidents happen; just rest and we’ll do what we do best. It truly is the difference between your textiles lasting a lifetime or changing them every few years.

ML: What sets Nola Carpet Cleaning apart from the competition?

JB: Nola is set apart from the competition through the simplest of things. Straight forward honesty, integrity, treating clients as family coupled with certification, knowledge, industry leading warranties, and advanced technologies in solution recipes. We provide top notch cleaning with a fair pricing structure. The business was started by my father over 50 years ago and we have been providing excellent care and services ever since.


Pet smells and stains are a necessary evil of owning pets. If you have questions about a stain or odor, make sure to consult a professional before spending hundreds of dollars on products that may not be able to properly clean the material.

*Nola Carpet Cleaning is based out of New Orleans, LA and is located at 8021 Palm Street. Phone# 504-684-4393.

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